Chinese Cuisine and Snacks
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Henan Cuisine and Restaurants

As the representative of the cooking civilization of Central China, Henan Cuisine has preserved traditions and made great innovations. With ingredients from all over the country, Henan Cuisine features meticulous preparation, especially known for delicious soup. No matter a dish is prepared by frying, deep cooking, stewing, braising or boiling, it is well received by customers because of its taste, shape, aromas and container.

In the past several thousand years, Henan chefs have created a large number of famous dishes, many of which have the names depicting the ancient charm of the Shang (ca. l6th-1 I th century B.C.) and Zhou (11 th century-221 BC) dynasties, the traditions left over by the Han (206 B.C.-220) and Tang (618-907) dynasties, and the excellencies of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Famous dishes and snacks include Peony and Swallow Vegetable, Fried Purple Crisp Pork, Lightly Fried Bean Curd, Jadeite Shredded Fish, Sea Cucumber in the Shape of Lotus Flowers, Fruit Juice and Shrimps, Young Chicken with a unique taste, stuffed bun steamed in small bamboo utensils, sweet and pleasant buns, egg cakes which is crisp outside and tender inside, steamed dumplings, hand-stretched noodles, fried steamed buns, braised cakes, etc.

By tasting Henan local dishes, people can appreciate extensive and profound cooking civilization of Central China. The Gulou Night Market in Kaifeng, which started in the Northern Song Dynasty, is crowded with people every evening. Over the vast expense of Central China, people can feel the comprehensive charm of culture and delicacy of Henan Cuisine.

Recommended Hotels and Restaurants

  • Huanghe Guest House
  • 20 Northern Section of Huayuan Lu, Zhengzhou
  • Tel:6778686
  • Henan Food Center
  • 25 Renmin Lu, Zhengzhou
  • Tel:6213446
  • Xiao's Three-delicacy Noodles
  • 27 Huozhan Beijie, Zhcngzhou
  • Tel:13903838229
  • Shaolin Restaurant
  • 89 Chengdong Lu, Zhengzhou
  • Tel:6359129
  • Luoyang Restaurant
  • 345 Zhongzhou Zhonglu, Luoyang
  • Tel:393-1260
  • Quanta Restaurant
  • Middle Section of Mangling Lu. Old City Area, Luoyang
  • Tel:2305288
  • Youyixin Restaurant
  • 22 Gulou Jie, Luoyang
  • Tel:5956622
  • Kaifeng Hotel
  • 8 Sihou Jie, Lumang
  • Tel:5955589
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