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Zhejiang Cuisine and Restaurants

By the East China Sea, Zhejiang Province has a temperate climate, abundant products and a long culinary history. Zhejiang Cuisine includes a wide variety of refined and delicate dishes, which are tasty, tender, soft or crisp and refreshing. Of a large number local cuisine styles, Zhejiang Cuisine occupies an important position and mainly consists of Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing and Wenzhou cuisine styles, each having its own local characteristics.

Hangzhou Cuisine, the representative of Zhejiang Cuisine, is delicious, light, crisp, elegant and highly finished. Ningbo local dishes are delicious, tender, soft and refreshing. Shaoxing Cuisine, which has the characteristics of the I,md of fish, includes various kinds of local dishes, which are soft and aromatic with original soup ,[lid juice, light oil, and a heavy taste. Chefs are forbidden to use peppers. Wenzhou Cuisine, also I,nown as On Cuisine, is known for delicious seafood and light and delicious dishes.

Famous dishes: West Lake Sour Fish, Dongpo Pork, Longjing Shrimp Meat, Jiaohua Young Chickens, Steam Rice Flower and Pork Wrapped by Lotus Leaves, Braised Bamboo Shoots and Whitefish with Fermented Glutinous Rice.

Well-known refreshments and local snacks: Noodles with Fried Shrimp and Eels, Ningbo Tangyuan (stuffed balls made of glutinous rice flour served in soup), Wushan Oily and Crunch Cake, Mao'erduo (fried cake in the shape of a cat's ear), Wufangzhai Zongzi (a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves), etc.

Dongpo Pork

First created by Su Dongpo, a well-known writer and poet of the Song Dynasty, when he served as a local official of Hangzhou, Dongpo Pork is red and bright in color, oily but not greasy, crisp but not smashed, plus mellow juice.

West Lake Sour Fish

Prepared with fresh and alive grass carps from the West Lake, this dish integrates delicious, sweet and sour tastes, with tender fish meat, which tastes just like crabmeat.

Jiaohua Young Chicken

Select fat and young Yue chicken, clean the chicken thoroughly, add seasonings to the chicken, wrap it with special materials, and bake it over a low fire. Jiaohua Young Chicken is aromatic, tasty, and soft, with tender meat.

Sister-in-Law Song's Thick Fish Soup

It was a famous dish of the Southern Song Dynasty, with a wide variety of ingredients, a yellow color, and a tender and delicious taste. As it tastes like crabmeat thick soup, it is also known as "Treasure Crab Thick Soup."

Recommended Hotels and Restaurants

  • Dragon Hotel
  • 11 Shuguang Lu, Hangzhou
  • Tel:87998833
  • Hangzhou Ho
  • 546 Yan'an Lu. Hangzhou
  • Tel:85166888
  • Nanfang Restaurant
  • 242 Yan'an Lu, Hangzhou
  • Tel:87065239
  • Loawai1oo Restaurant
  • 30 Guehan Lu. Hangzhou
  • Tel:87969682
  • Zhiweiguan Restaurant
  • 83 Rcnhe Lu, Hangzhou
  • Tel:87063655
  • Taizilou Restaurant
  • 205 Yan'an Lu. Hangzhou
  • Tel:87087122
  • Tianwaitian Restaurant
  • 2 Tianzhu Lu, Hangzhou
  • Tel:87965450
  • Suchunzhai Vegetarian Restaurant
  • 65 Yan'an Lu, Hangzhou
  • Tel:87023235
  • Kuiyuan Hall
  • 154 Jiefang Lu, Hangzhou
  • Tel:87028628

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