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Travel to Macau

Macau is a city with two different temperaments. On one hand, it is bursting with citadels, cathedrals, and fares of its previous grand master Portugal speak to an outstandingly Mediterranean panache on the China coast. On the other hand, Macau is the soi-disant Las Vegas, Nevada of the East attracting gambling lovers like a pokerjunkie and blackjack fans to flock the 33 casinos. Though that contrast might appear to be an overstatement, it isn't. During the past few years, the alluring, but tired town of Macau has undergone the type of prosper typically concomitant with cities like Shanghai. But instead of high-rise buildings, the edifices are all about Vegas-style casinos and boardinghouses. This is because casinos are legal in Macau, whereas in China and neighboring Hong Kong they aren't.

There is much more to Macau than betting. The headland and the isles of Coloane and Taipa institute a flamboyant palette of pastels and tidy foliage. Macau is the last garrison of the Portuguese domain; it became a region of China in 1999, two years after the British extraction from Hong Kong. The Portuguese inspiration is everywhere; cobblestoned back roads, ornate cathedrals, stone citadels, Art Deco structures, and soothing parks and grounds. It is a exceptional combination of East and West that has been known by Unesco, which in 2005 named thirty buildings and squares collectively as the Historic Center of Macau World Heritage Site. There are also several world-class museums.

If you have been in China for a time, you will discover there's a noticeably diverse impression to Macau. Though about 95% of residents are Chinese, the rest is frequently made up of Portuguese and Macanese (people with mixed Portuguese, Chinese, and/or African blood). It is this union of Mediterranean and Asian populates lives, personalities, and fare that make Macau a great place! Chinese beliefs sparkles through in the usage of penned songbirds, clacking chopsticks, Buddhist effigies, incense-filled joss houses, and signs floodlit with neon hanzi characters. For sightseers from the inland, the chief magnetism is the opportunity to play Texas Holdem, roulette, craps, blackjack and other games in Macau's impressive casinos. Worldwide tourists come for the Portuguese vestiges, the shopping and the seashores of Coloane, the prior island at the tip of the Macau headland.

Top Things to See on Your Next Visit to Macau
  • The hovering façade of the disappeared Church of St. Paul
  • Curving lanes and outstanding royal manors on Ilha de Coloane
  • Incense smoke wafting around the A-Ma Temple
  • Whirls of black and yellow sand at Hac Sa Temple
  • Massive sculptures of Matsu, Goddesses of the Sea, and Kun lam, Goddess of Mercy Top Things to Do on Your Next Visit to Macau
  • Appreciate the sights from the top of the Macau Tower – or, if you are feeling courageous, bungee jump off the top.
  • Indulge on Portuguese delicacies, like caldo verde (potato and greens in soup) and bacalhau (salt cod) in Taipa village.
  • Relish the boom of engines at the Macau Grand Prix.
  • Attempt to perceive Hong Kong's Lantau Island from the top of Guia Fort.
  • Gain or lose a few hundred pataca (the Macau currency) at the Venetian Macao casino Relaxation in Macau
  • Peruse Austin Coates' City of Broken Promises; a dramatized version of the lifetime of Martha Merop. She is Macau's most well-known taipan (dealer)
  • Heed to the enchanting songs of Cantonese masque, presented at religious and ethnic jubilees during the year.
  • View Cai Yuan-yaun's The Bewitching Braid, the first ever Macanese feature movie.
  • Devour galinha a Portuguese ("Portuguese chicken" cooked in a coconut sauce).
  • Swig Portuguese vinho verde wine or nearby brewed Macau beer.
No matter what type of fun you enjoy having, Macau has the perfect event for you, your friends, and your family.

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