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The Zunyi Meeting SiteAlong ChuanQian Railway in the north part of Guizhou. Zunyi prefecture has under its jurisdiction I Honghuagang district 12 counties and Cities. It contains the following natural reserves the Zunyi Meeting site. Red Army Gray e, Xiangshan 1 cm ple, Yangcan Fomb, Taoxi Temple. Loushan Pass. Cishui Scenic Resort and I Horse Chestnut Natural Reserves, etc, ,1s ;m ancient city on the plateau of northern Qian. Zunyi 1 is a famous city rich in historic AND cultural heritages mid it is the tourist center in north China.

Locatcd at the center oft he old cite of Honghuagang district. the Zunyi Meeting Site is a northfacing twostorey hot lding of brickwood strucdture in a combination of Chinese and \Neste rn styley. In January 1935, the Chinese Red Army passed through this town during the Long March and the "Zunyi Meeting " of historic significance was held here by the Political Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party.

Immense forests of bamboo in CishuiLocated to the northwest of Guizhou, Cishui scenic resort is mainly featured in five sorts of natural landscapes, waterfall group, immense forests of bamboo, group of horse chestnut red clouds landform and virgin forests and the historic culture of the Long March. Its wellknown beauty spots include Shizhang Cavern waterfall, Hushi Immense Forests of Bamboo, Jingsha vale Horse Chestnut, Shidong Vale Waterfall GIoup, and Everbright Moonlight Lake. etc. This area is praised by foreign and domestic experts both as "City of Numerous Waterfalls", "Fatherland of Bamboo". "Kingdom of Horse Chestnuts" and "First-rate Red Clouds".

YangcanT ombAspreciously sole survived plants, horse chestnuts are attributed to the giant trees which were coexistent with dinosaur during Jurasic Period two hundred million years ago. On the verge of extinction, they are rare and could be found only in few places for its unfortunately suitable latitude and it amed "living fossil" by scientists. Cishuijingsha is the only natural resort in this province approved by tile State Council for the protection of horse chestnuts. With graceful peaks and ridges, old trees reaching to the skies, fright water falling down and red cliffs rolling hundreds of li inside the resort, it is an ideal place for ecological travel and scientific survey.

Located at Zunyi county about 10 km floor Zunyi City, Yangcan Tomb was built during Chunyou's Reign( 1241-1252) in the Song Dynasty. As a national key cultural unit, it is a type of large stone tomb with elegant stone sculptures.

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