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Situated east of Mt. Longzhong 15 km to the west of Xiangyang City, it used to be the residence of Zhuge Liang, a famous politician and strategist of the Three Kingdoms Period. Sitting in a mountain valley surrounded by streams, pine trees and cypresses, it is really a secluded place for living and studying.

Zhuge Liang (181-234 ) , also named Zhuge Kongming, was from Langya in Shandong. He came to Longzhong with his uncle after his parents died and studied hard by himself here while paying close attention to the outside world. He was called "a sleeping dragon", indicating that he was a talent in obscurity.

To realize his dream of reunifying China, Liu Bei paid three visits to Zhuge Liang in 207 until the latter agreed to aid him. Zhuge Liang gave a comprehensive analysis of the situation then and put forth his strategic suggestions, that is the famous article Longzhong Reply. From then on, Zhuge Liang began to help Liu Bei lay the foundation for the later division of three kingdoms. He was given the posthumous title of Marquis Wuxiang after he died. There are many buildings in Longzhong in memory of this great man such as the Three Visits Hall and the Marquis Wu Shrine.

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