Endless Choice and Pleasure
Ancient and modern... East and West...Inexpensive and name brand expensive. Always great fun when you talk about shopping in Beijing. You can find a great variety of goods from the modern shopping centers like Beijing-Lufthansa Friendship Shopping City, Blue Island Building, China World Shopping Arcade, CVIK-Yohan Shopping Center, Guiyou Shopping Mall, Parkson Department Store and more, fulfilling your every needs.

Of course, if you are looking for something real Chinese, like cloisonne, bone carvings, jade and lacquer which represent the four treasures of Beijing crafts, then you have to go to the shopping districts like Wanfujing Dajie where department stores, book shops, arts and crafts shops and painting shops are located.

Xidan is famous for inexpensive clothing, and the World of Nationalities, where you can find costumes from various minority areas. If silk is your favorite, then don't miss the Xiushui and the Yabaolu Markets. You will have a nice surprise of a great variety of silk skirts, underwear, and bedspreads.

Liulichang cultural street is an ideal place for curio virtuosos where antique stores built according to Qing architectural styles add fun to your shopping. All the antiques there are approved by the Beijing Cultural Relic Bureau (BCRB).

In general, the operation hours of the shops are seven days a week, from 8:30am to 8:00pm. Large department stores may stay open until 9:00pm. It is wise for the visitors to shop in those designated shops selected by the Beijing Tourism Administration where one can always feel easy about the price and quality of goods. The following lists can by your choice in town.

Shopping Centers

  • Beijing-Lufthansa Friendship Shopping City
  • 52 Liangmaqiao
  • Blue Island Building
  • 8 Chawai Dajie
  • China World Shopping Arcade
  • 1 Jangtuomenwai Dajie
  • CVIK-Yaohan Shopping Center
  • 22 Jianguomenwai Dajie
  • Guiyou Shopping Mall
  • 5A Jianguomenwai Dajie
  • Parkson Department Store
  • North of the Fuxingmen flyover
  • Urban-rural Trade Center
  • 23 Fuxinglu
  • Xiden Shopping Center
  • Xidan beidajie

Handicrafts and Jewelry

  • Beijing Friendship Store
  • 17 Jianguomen-wai Dajie
  • White Peacock Arts and Crafts World
  • Dewai Beibinhelu
  • Huaxia Arts and Crafts Store
  • Dongdan
  • Huaxia Arts and Crafts Branch Store
  • 293 Wangfujing Dajie Curio markets
  • Chian Arts and Crafts Museum
  • Beside the Fuxingmen Flyover
  • Yanjing Painting and Calligraphy House,
  • Qiniandian Branch Inside the Tiantan park
  • Beijing Jade Factory
  • Center II Guangminglu chaoyang District.
  • Gift Palace of Huacui
  • 5, Xinwaidajie, Xicheng District


  • Yuanlong Embroidery and Silk Co.
  • 55 Tiantanlu, Chongwen District
  • Beijing Silk Store
  • Zhubaoshi, qianmen Dajie
  • Beijing International Embroidery and Silk Store
  • 402 Anhuli, Anwai Dajie

Antiques and Curio Markets

  • Liulichang Haiwang village Curio Market
  • Liulichang Cultural Street
  • Luilichang Rangxing Studio
  • (behind the Rongbaozhai)
  • Tiantan Hongqiao Curio Market
  • Chaowai Curio Market


  • Beijing Carpet Trade Center
  • 90 Weizikeng, Liangjiazhuang
  • Marco Polo Carpet Store
  • 2/F China World, Shopping Arcade

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