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Major Traditional Festivals

Dalian Int'l Fashion Festival
The Dalian International Fashion Festival is a grand festive occasion for trade, culture, and tourism. It is a sister festival with the Hong Kong Fashion Festival. During the festival, a grand opening ceremony is held in a large square, when performances, fashion shows, trade talks, park fairs, and the closing ceremony are held. So far, Dalian has held ten festivals, attracting friends from China and other parts of the world.

Dalian Bingyu lce Lantern Festival
Time: early Jan. to late Feb.
Place: Bingyu, Zhuanghe Dalian

Lantern Fair
Time: mid-Jan to Mid-Feb
Place: Shenyang

Spring Festival
Time: 1st to 3rd days of the first lunar month

Firecracker's Festival
Time: 2nd to 6th days of the first lunar mouth
Place: Dalian

Lantern Festival
Time: 15th day of the first lunar month

Mt. Phoenix Fair
Time: 26th to 28th days of the fourth Luner month
Place: Fengcheng, Dandong

Mt. Wang'er Mother's Festival
Time: early or mid May
Place: Gaizhou Yingkou

Oriental Silk Festival
Time: mid or late May
Place: Dandong

Pagoda-Tree Festival
Time: late May
Place: Dalian

Mt. Qianshan Giant Buddha Festival
Time: early June
Place: Anshan

Xingcheng Sea Fair
Time: mid- or late July
Place: Xingcheng, Huludao

Xihu Lake Lotus Festival
Time: late July
Place: Xinmin, Shenyang

Int'l Folk Customs Festival
Time: Aug. 15 to Sept. 15
Place: Shenyang

International Fashion Festival
Time: early or mid Sept.
Place: Dalian

Honghai Beach Bird- Watching Festival
Time: late Sept. to late Oct.
Place: Panjin

Maple Leaves Festival
Time: early or mid Oct.
Place: Benxi

Mt. Huishan Ice & Snow Festival
Time: late Dec. to next Feb.
Place: Shenyang

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