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Xining is an ancient city on the highland. For thousands of years, it is inhabited by the diligent Han people and other ethnic groups, including the Tibetans, Huis, Mongolians, Manchus, Tus, and Salars, who have written a long history and a brilliant culture, and developed production, which has in turn promoted the development of culinary culture.

A local snackThe local flavors include fried flour slices, hand-pulled noodles, dry-stirred noodles, roasted mutton, Wan Shengma's pastries, and Ma Ruyi's steamed buns.

High up on the menu are such dishes as golden fish with fa vegetables, snow chicken with Chinese caterpillar fungus, stewed hump, boiled mutton, beef with chrysanthemum, fish with chrysanthemum, steamed huang fish, lotus fish, strewed mutton, stewed shashlik, and sheep tendon with ginseng.

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