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Dunhuang / Famous Shops and Stores


At the juncture of Gansu, Qinghai and the Xinjiang, Dunhuang is encircled by mountains. Though the weather is dry, windy and sandy all the year round, the land here is fertile with much snow water, growing various kinds of fruit and melons. Dunhuang boasts Mogao Grottoes, a famous treasure house of Buddhist arts in the world, and Mingsha Hill and Crescent Moon Spring, scenic wonders in the deserts. Its world-renowned handicrafts include luminous cups, crystal products, melons, fruit and other products, which have attracted numerous Chinese and foreign tourists.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Dunhuang Melons

Dunhuang produces a wide variety of melons and fruits, as sweet as honey. "Artillery Shell Melons" are in an elliptic shape, like an artillery shell, hence the name. With thin skin, red pulp and small seeds, the melon is blackish green in color. Changmihong melons, round in shape and small in size, is juicy, tender and high in quality. There are several kinds of Bailan melons: Some are produced in Dunhuang, some are introduced from Lanzhou and Xinjiang, and the others from the United States. The white melon has greenish pulp, with light fragrance.

Dunhuang Carpets

With high-quality sheep wool as raw materials, Dunhuang carpets are made with traditional workmanship, soft, smooth, bright and beautiful.

Dunhuang Liguang Apricot

Dunhuang Liguang apricot is one of the three famous kinds of apricots produced by Dunhuang. Originally introduced from Hotan in Xinjiang, Liguang apricots were cultivated after great efforts of many years. Legend has it that in the Western Han Dynasty, after Flying General Li Guang had made an expedition and conquered Dawan, he introduced such apricots to Dunhuang. Hence the Dame.

Mingshan Big Jujubes

Mingshan big jujubes produced in Dunhuang are well known for their big size and elliptic shape, each weighing 40 to 50 g on average. The jujubes look dark red and smooth, with a sweet taste and much nutrition. Such jujubes can easily be preserved, and made into other products.

Luminous Cups

Dunhuang luminous cups, also known as Yangguan jade cups, are made of Qilian jade. Meticulously carved with traditional workmanship, Dunhuang luminous cups are bright and clean, showing a unique style.

Crystal Glasses

With the natural dark brown crystal as raw materials, the glasses are meticulously polished. Hard, transparent and easy to carry about, the glasses can prevent from ultraviolet ray radiation and protect eyes.

Yangguan Grapes

Grapes grown in Dunhuang are mellow in taste, enjoying a high reputation. Raisine and grape wine produced in Dunhuang have a ready market. There are several varieties of grapes, such as Wuhebai, Manaizi and Purple Pearl.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Arts and Crafts Shop Research Academy
  • Dongdaqiao
  • Tel:88690110
  • Arts and Crafts Factory (luminous cups and Suoyang traditional Chinese medicines)
  • 11 Yangguan E. Rd.
  • Tel:8824299
  • Shop of Dunhuang Museum
  • 8 Yangguan E. Rd.
  • Tel:8822981
  • Carpet Factory
  • 24 Danghe N. Rd.
  • Tel:8822465
  • Tourism Shop of CITS
  • 32 Mingshan Rd.
  • Tel:8825942
  • Folk Customs Museum Township
  • Yueyaquar Village, Yangjiaqiao
  • Tel:8825305

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