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Shijiazhuang / Famous Shops and Stores


With Shijiazhuang as its capital city, Hebei province is one of the famous grain production centers in the country. Also it boasts many local and special products including Tangshan pottery and porcelain, the snuff bottles with interior paintings, Qizhou traditional Chinese herbs, Bashang mushrooms and Hebei pear.

Famous Bazaars

People's Market Stock Co. Ltd.

First established in December 1947, the People's Market has a business floor space of 25,000 square meters and deals general merchandise, small metals, household electrical appliance, clothing, hats, shoes, cultural and sports articles, some 50,000 kinds of commodities.

World Trade Square

Having a floor space of 70,000 square meters, it includes the 28-story main building, the first five-star hotel of the city, a high-intelligent class-5A office building, an elegant recreational site and a bazaar selling high-grade and famous products.

Anbin Convenient Store

This store has introduced a complete set of international standard managerial systems. With a purpose to being your good and convenient neighbor, the store is convenient for buying goods in convenient times and distance. Today it has 48 chain stores.

Candy, Cigarette and Wine Co.

The company handles some 10,000 kinds of goods including cigarettes, wines, candies, tea, food, good merchandise and fabrics. Its business has extended to its neighboring counties and cities and even Beijing, Tianjin and Shanxi Province.

World Trade Famous Product Mall

On the first two floors of the buildings on World Trade Square, it has a business floor space of 4,000 square meters and sells famous products from China and other countries. The mall has a clean and comfortable environment and provides excellent services.

Five-Continent Industrial Co. Ltd.

It is a trans-regional and transtrade comprehensive enterprise combining industry with trade and agriculture, focusing on production, development and marketing of motorcycles. It mainly sells light two wheel and tri-wheel motorcycles and electric bikes.

Beiguo Mall

Beiguo Mall has a business floor space of 40,000 square meters. It sells 180,000 kinds of goods including cigarettes, wines, food, daily-use articles, household electric appliances, knitwear, clothing, shoes, hats, handicrafts and ornaments.

Famous Shops and Stores
  • Tianyuan Famous Product Market
  • 93 Zhongshan W. Rd.
  • Tel:7028811
  • Int'l Trade Center
  • 125 Zhongshan W. Rd.
  • Tel:7038888
  • Dongfang City Square
  • 83 Zhongshan W. Rd.
  • Tel:8611114
  • Darning Optical Shop
  • 36 Zhongshan W. Rd.
  • Tel:7027535
  • Lihua Market
  • 87 Zhongshan W. Rd.
  • Tel:7025910
  • Baolongcang
  • 287 Yucai St.
  • Tel:5821188
  • Jianhua Department Store
  • 9 Zhongahan E. Rd.
  • Tel:5054929
  • Chang'an Market
  • 287 Zhongshan E. Rd.
  • Tel:6044625
  • Zhubi City
  • 556 Zhuhua W. Rd.
  • Tel:3055530
  • People's Market Stock Co. Ltd.
  • 139 Zhongshan W. Rd.
  • Tel:7023677
  • Five-Continent Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • North China Motorcycle Trade City, Fangcheng Town, Luancheng County,
  • Tel:5492986
  • Beiguo Mall
  • 188 Zhongshan E. Rd.
  • Tel:6974448

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