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RoundTrip Airfare to China

Our round-trip special airfare only pays 1/4 fare of the one-way flight

Transpacific fare to Asia and China    (Price in USD/ per person)
Asia and China destination city Departure city  Departure city
Los Angeles or San Francisco New York
HONG KONG 599 680
SHANGHAI 620 690
BEIJING 620 690
TAIPEI 590 610
BANGKOK 760 860
TOKYO 690 720
MANILA 740 840
SEOUL 580 695
Please note: @ @
1. The above air fares are special air fare samples, other destinations available.
2. The above air fares are for reference only.  @
3. Discount air fare is non-refundable, non-changeable.
4. Some special air fare is not valid for upgrade. @
5. Air fare fluctuates seasonally. @
6. Please fill out the Form for Special Air Fare Request.
Add-On Air Fare Chart
ZONE 1: Add $80.00 to Los Angeles or San Francisco
Portland, OR Seattle, WA @ @
@ @
ZONE 2: Add $190.00 to Los Angeles or San Francisco
Albuquerque, NM Ontario, CA Sacramento, CA Spokane, WA
Anchorage, AK Palm Springs, CA Salt Lake City, UT @
Las Vegas, NV Phoenix, AZ San Diego, CA @
@ @ @ @
ZONE 3: Add $220.00 to Los Angeles or San Francisco
Albany, NY Dayton, OH Memphis, TN Pittsburgh, PA
Atlanta, GA Denver, CO Miami, FL Portland, ME
Baltimore, MD Detroit, MI Milwaukee, WI Providence, RI
Boston, MA Ft. Lauderdale, FL Minneapolis, MN Richmond, VA
Bradley, CT Fort Myers, FL Montreal, Canada Rochester, NY
Buffalo, NY Grand Rapids, MI Nashville, TN Sarasota, FL
Charleston, SC Houston, TX New Orleans, LA St. Louis, MO
Charlotte, NC Indianapolis, IN New York, NY Syracuse, NY
Chicago, IL Jackson, MS Newark, NJ Tampa, FL
Cincinnati, OH Jacksonville, FL Norfolk, VA Toronto, Canada
Cleveland, OH Kansas City, MO Omaha, NE Washington, D.C.
Columbus, OH Louisville, KY Orlando, FL W. Palm Beach, FL
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX Madison, WI Philadelphia, PA @
@ @ @ @
ZONE 4: Add $250.00 to Los Angeles/San Francisco
Akron-Canton, OH Evansville, IN Panama City, FL Toledo, OH
Appleton, WI Huntsville, AL Pensacola, FL Tulsa, OK
Bangor, ME Lexington, KY Peoria, IL Youngstown, OH
Burlington, VT Lincoln, NE Shreveport, LA @
Erie, PA Ottawa, Canada Tallahassee, FL @
IMPORTANT NOTE: The above add-on fares are for reference only.  Using different Airlines, the add-on air fare differs.   If your city is not shown on the lists above, please contact us for information.

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