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Other Places of Interest (optional for Coach Tours)

Hutong tour, roaming through Beijing's old narrow streets, hutongs, by old-fashioned pedicab to visit siheyuan, the old quadrangles.

Greater Wild Goose PagodaTianjin

Yangliuqing Village, famous for peasant Paintings, made by a combination of woodblock chromatograghing and colored hand-drawing.

Wuqiao Acrobatics School

Linyan Monastery (7 kilometers from the City of Jinan).

Song of Confucianism, music and dance performance at a square, with 150 actors and actress on the stage.

Folk Custom Museum; Gallery of Stone Sculptures of Han Dynasty.

Drawing a painting, YangliuqingNanjing
Xiaoling Tomb of the Ming Dynasty; local snacks.

Night tour of the Master-of-Nets Garden to watch Suzhou Opera performances.

New Horizon, a bar street on Hengshan Road; acrobatic show; Shanghai Metropolitan Planning Exhibition Hall.

Former residence of Hu Xueyan; Museum of Chinese Traditional Medicines.


Visit the Han tombs at Mancheng, in the vicinity of Baoding, to see the "jade grave clothes sewn with gold thread" and the excavation site; visit the 83.7-meter high Dingxian Pagoda, the tallest pagoda in China.

Song of Confucianism, music and dance performanceHandan
Hometown of Yang-style Taiji boxing; Xiangtang Stone Caves.

Youli City where The Book of Changes has its origin;

Hongqi (Red Flag) Canal.


Museum of the Yellow River, ruins of the big River, ruins of the Yin and Shang dynasties, Zhongyue Temple, Guanxing (Star Viewing) Terrace and Songyang Academy of Classical Learning.

A bronze lion statue at Dai Temple, Mt. TaiLuoyang
Baima (White Horse) Temple; Xiaolangdi Reservoir.

Rafting on the Yellow River; Hangu Pass, an ancient natural barrier, and Taichu Palace, the birthplace of The Canon of Ethics, a philosophic masterpiece by Lao Zi.


Tang Dynasty dinner show, Famen Temple, Qianling Mausoleum, Forest of Stone Steles, Shaanxi History Museum and Hanyang Mausoleum.

China Trip Tour Programs by Bus

Please note: Optional tours are based on request and time permittance. Extra charges will apply.


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