A Guide to China's Water Towns
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Time Name Contents
Feb 7-mar 8 Jinling Lantern Festival Folk art performance, lantern display, local snacks
March Nanjing International Plum Festival Enjoy plum, food and pastry, visit purple-sand factory
March 5-8 Wuxian Taihu Plum Festival Enjoy plum, folk art performance
March 6-8 Wuxi Plum Cultural Exchange Enjoy plum, folk art, exhibition of photographys, calligraphys and paintings
March 20-May 20 Suzhou Tiger Hill Flower Fair Domestic and foreign species of flowers, local snacks, tourist arts and crafts
April China Wuxi Taihu Giant Buddha Light-Opening Ceremony Buddhist activities
April 5-6 Taizhou Qintong Boat Racing Festival Boat racing, folk art performance, local custom
April 1-12 Suzhou Zhouzhuang International Travel Festival Contests of calligraphy and paintings, folk art performance
Mid-April Wuxi Sakura Travel Enjoying Sakura, planting Sakura
April 20 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Taihu Film City Performance, visiting the Three Kingdoms and the European cities
May Taihu Travel Festival Visiting Taihu lake and Nixian island, enjoying folk singing and dancing
May Yangzhou Red-Stone Flower Festival Enjoying red-stone flowers, lanterns, local flacors and singing and dancing
Sep 20-25 Suzhou International Silk Festival Trade talks, silk garment shows, special-feature trips
Sep. 15-17 Wuxi Taihu Lake Moon-Cake Festival Traveling on Taihu Lake, enjoying moon cakes, performances
Sep. 15-17 Yangzhou 24-bridge Moon-Cake Festival Enjoying local snacks, lanterns and performances
Sep.-Oct. Taihu Golden Autumn Trade Talk Performance, trade talks
Oct. 8-10 Wuxi Taihu International Fishing Festival Fishing contest, trade talks, performances
Oct. Xu Xiake Cultural Travel Festival Sightseeing, performance, memorial activities
Oct. 21-Nov. 30 Suzhou Taiping Maple Festival Activities of fine arts, traditional musical instrument performance, local snacks
Dec.31 Zhenjiang Temple Bell New Year's eve party, traditional Chinese custom performance, local snacks
Dec. 31 Suzhou Hanshan Temple Bell New Year's eve party, traditional Chinese custom performance, local snacks

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