A Guide to China's Water Towns
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Temperatures in the Main Tourist Cities

*Temperature (C °) *Rainfall (mm)

Cities Juanuary February March April May June July August September October November December Yearly
Nanjing T2.0-R30.9 T3.8-R50.1 T8.4-R72.7 T14.8-R93.7 T19.9-R100.2 T24.5-R167.4 T28.0-R183.6 T27.8-R113.3 T22.7-R95.9 T16.9-R46.1 T10.5-R48.0 T4.4-R29.4 T15.3-R1031.3
Yangzhou T1.6-R30.4 T3.2-R40.9 T7.9-R66.3 T14.1-R84.8 T19.2-R85.4 T24.0-R152.3 T27.7-R206.2 T27.3-R135 T22.4-R128.2 T16.5-R45.1 T10.2-R42.9 T4.1-R28.7 T14.8-R1046.2
Wuxi T2.5-R35.2 T2.9-R54.6 T8.3-R76.9 T14.3-R105.6 T19.1-R110.1 T23.9-R167.7 T28.1-R144.1 T27.5-R144.1 T22.8-R104.2 T16.9-R56.4 T11.0-R46.4 T5.2-R33.8 T15.3-R1057.2
Suzhou T3.1-R42.0 T4.5-R62.7 T8.5-R82.4 T14.5-R107.2 T19.5-R112.3 T23.9-R165.0 T28.2-R120.4 T27.9-R121.6 T23.3-R136.4 T17.6-R51.2 T11.9-R56.6 T5.8-R40.7 T15.7-R1088.5
Shanghai T3.3-R44.3 T4.6-R63.0 T8.3-R80.5 T13.8-R111.1 T18.8-R129.3 T23.3-R156.6 T27.9-R142.4 T23.8-R116.0 T23.8-R145.9 T17.9-R46.8 T12.5-R53.4 T6.2-R39.2 T15.3-R1128.5
Hangzhou T3.8-R62.2 T5.1-R88.7 T9.3-R114.1 T15.4-R130.4 T20.2-R179.9 T24.3-R196.2 T28.6-R126.5 T28.0-R136.5 T23.3-R177.6 T17.7-R77.9 T12.1-R54.7 T6.3-R54.0 T16.2-R1398.9
Changzhou T2.2 T3.7 T8.1 T14.2 T19.3 T24.1 T28.4 T27.7 T23.0 T16.9 T11.3 T4.8 T15.3

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