A Guide to China's Water Towns
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Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces have long been known for culinary culture. Huaiyang cuisine is one of the four famous cuisine in China, featuring fine selection of ingredients and precise preparation, with pleasant colors and pretty shapes.

Local Product

Boiled Salted Duck With a history of over 1,000 years, the boiled salted duck is tender, fresh, delicious and rich yet not greasy.

Pressed Salted Duck The cooking method of the pressed salted duck was invented 600 years ago. In the Qing Dynasty, the pressed salted duck was tribute to the royal palace, hence its name the Duck of Tribute.

Liuhe Dried Beef Another tribute to the royal palace in the Qing Dynasty, Liuhe dried beef tastes fresh, fragrant and short. It won the Golden Prize at the Panama international Food Fair.

Special Flavor

Special flavors include the Red Mansion Feast in Yangzhou, the Qianlong Banquet in Zhenjiang, the Jiangnan Feast in Wuxi, the Longevity Feast in Changzhou, the Xishi Feast in Shuixiu Hotel, the Local Snacks in Suzhou, and the Eight Immortals Feast in Nantong.

Traditional flavors in Hangzhou are sour fish from West Lake, shrimp meat from Longjing, Dongpo pig elbow, young chicken, and Sister-in-Law Song's thick fish soup. Famous restaurants are Louwailou, Tainxianglou, Shanwaishan, Tianwaitian, and Hangzhou.

Pebbles of Raining Flowers Known as the ever-blossoming flowers and the ever-lasting paintings, the pebbles of Raining Flowers are rich in color. They are natural arts and crafts.

Raining Flower Tea The Raining Flower tea is one of the ten famous teas in China. It tastes sweet, fragrant and rich.

Biluochun Tea One of the ten best teas in China, Biluochun is a green tea with a history of 300 years. Jade green in color, it is as fragrant as orchid, as sweet and rich as hot spring, and refreshing with an endless aftertastes.

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