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Folk Custom

Ningxia is the native place of Huis. The Hui' minority is widely settled in the region, well known for their diligence, wisdom and a natural inclination for cleanliness. Huis believe in the Islamism. And they have long maintained a strict religious custom and behavior, particularly those who live in countryside and mountainous area. Huis speak Han language. Only a few erudite imams can read Arabian and Persian.

In the region, generally, a large residential community owns a church-mosque. Though the size is different, to have a mosque, a hall of scriptures and a bathroom is imperative everywhere.


Male Huis love to wear white or black colored caps. In summer, they wear white clothes together with a black waistcoat. Females dress up themselves with a head- scarf to cover up their hairs, ears and neck to keep their solemnity. According to personal age and marriage status, headscarf is different in colors. Generally, senior women wear white headscarf. Mid-aged women wear black ones, and young women and girls wear a green headscarf. (Green means auspiciousness.)

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