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Fantastic Mountains and Waters

Evetywhere in this blue-sky planet has its unique scenery.

Looking the mysterious East from space, we will find the unbounded beauty lying on the earth under clouds. Closer to the earth, fantastic mountains and waters can be seen in China, a vast gallery of picturesque mountains and wa ters.

War made Hua Mountain a natural barrier with real interests, and peace makes it an exercise of human life to con quer the nacural barrier. Once you stand on the top of Hua Mountain, chatting and laughing, you have put timidity un der your feet.

Huang Mountain is a famous moun tain which has long been highly appreci ated in China. Everyone since childhood has had many chances to see, directly or indirectly, from a photograph or a TV scene, the sea of clouds and the Guest greeting Pine in Huang Mountain. Pro fessional photographers love the most the winter in Huang Mountain, a season in which they can take excellent pictures. Wise visitors also choose to climb Huang Mountain during the cold Spring Festi val. In winter, the snows all over the mountain, thick or thin, and the moving clouds that change magically around will make everyone coming to Huaflg Moun tain feel no regret for the tour.

The sunny Sunshine Stone in Gulangyu is full of summer's busyness and colorfulness. Besides the sea waves and beaches, another attraction here is that visitors can see Taiwan in the dis tance, a beautiful island of much concern.

Wuyi Mountain is a summer resort in the hot South. The subtropics vegeta tion in the pure natural landscape can not only keep out the excessive sunray, but also add color to the prospect in the South.

Many hermits liked to choose Emei Mountain as a place to live in seclusion. The reason can only be understood after you have climbed the mountain. Famous for its beauty and its name as a Buddhist shrine, Emei Mountain will move every body. There are beautiful scenes, temples and relics all along the road up to the mountain. Visitors can hear frogs shout ing at night and play with monkeys in the morning.

If you have enough time and brave ness, go co Hailuogou, or Conch Gully, carrying tents and sleeping sacks. The trip is not easy, sometimes you have to ride. However, wondetful scenefy can be found in this untravelled place. There you can see ancient and silent glaciers and the magnificent snow-covered Gongga Mountain.

The particular peaks, no slopes, only green and luxutiant cliffs and peaks, are the unique symbol of Zhangjiajie. lt seems that they grow directly from the ground, towering and standing alone. Only mist is moving around the peaks.

Water is mild in nature. This char acter is demonstrated to the utmost by waters in China.
The scenery of Li River is always a combination of mountains, waters and bamboo rafts. The mountains are green and gentle, and the water of Li River is so calm that only a rowing bamboo raft can bring it a little movement.

Jiuzhaigou and the neighboring Huanglong Temple are wonderful for their water.

Numerous visicors go to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Temple regardless of the bumpy road. Those are places that make people believe they are in fairyland. The water in Five Color Pool is pure but col orful, while Jiuthaigou's water is more deeper and mysterious. lt comes from the snows piled up year by year.

The expanse ol country certainly owns various kind of landscapes. It is a pleasure to enjoy the well-known places one by one. It is also a pleasure to expect more tourist resources be exploited in the future.

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