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Ice and Snow Tour in China
Ice and Snow Tour in China
  • Ice and snow tour has developed in China in recent years. The activities have shown unique charms among the diversified tourist products of the country ...
  • Chinese Culture
    Chinese Culture
  • China is a country with a long history, splendid culture, beautiful mountains and rivers, a large number of ethnic groups and abundant tourism resources. Tourism has become a fashion making people relax and pleasing to people's bodies and minds ...
  • China's World Heritages
    China's World Heritages
  • China is a vast country. With a long history and brilliant culture, it is a land endowed with unique and beautiful natural views.China have been included in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO ...
  • Traditional Chinese Gardens
    Traditional Chinese Gardens
  • Classical Chinese garden, are a special aspect in traditional Chinese culture and art. A garden is purported to meet man's demand for relaxation and lodging. A Chinese garden mixes man-made landscape with natural scenery, architecture, painting, literature, calligraphy, and horticulture.....
  • National Forest Parks
    National Forest Parks
  • The earth, with its diversity and variety, is a total ecology that has given life to and sustains the lives of all of humanity. Protecting that ecology has become a major concern of people around the world....
  • marathon 2003
    Beijing International Marathon 2003 (2003)

  • Beijing International Marathon (B .N), organized by the China Athletics association and approved by IAAF and AIMS, is the highest-level marathon race in China. It was first staged in 1981 and has been held in October annually ever since.
  • 2003 Lhasa International Half-Marathon
    2003 Lhasa International Half-Marathon (2003)

  • September 14 (Sunday), 2003 in Lhasa City, Tibet China. Start time: 10:30 AM (Beijing Time) Men: Half-Marathon (10km), Mini Marathon ( 5km). Women: Half-Marathon (10km), Mini Marathon ( 5km).
  • folk arts-China
    Folk Arts-China (2002)
  • The "Folk Arts - China" is a new tourist theme year activity recommended by the China National Tourism Administration in 2002, aiming to enable people throughout the world to profoundly appreciate the unique aspects of Chinese folk arts, appreciate China's wide variety of colorful folk customs, and enrich and develop China's tourism products, thus promoting Chinese tourism to develop more rapidly toward its objectives.
  • 4 season Festivals
    4 seasons festivals (Year-round )
  • 4 seasons festivals will be held year round, such as the Chinese Beijing Opera Art Festival around the Autumn Festiva in Tianjin, and Much More....
  • New Millennium China 2000
    New Millennium China 2000 (2000)
  • New Millennium China 2000 will follow mankind into the new century and demonstrate China's 5,000-year-old civilization, which.
  • 99 ecotourism in China
    International Horticultural Exposition (1999)
  • International Horticultural Exposition Kunming, China. The event is gone. But gardens, with thousands of trees and flowers remain.

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