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2003 Lhasa International Half-Marathon

Regulations for Registered Athletes

  • Date & Venue
  • September 14 (Sunday), 2003 in Lhasa City, Tibet China
  • Start time: 10:30 AM (Beijing Time)
  • Events
  • Men: Half-Marathon 10km, Mini Marathon (5km).
  • Women: Half-Marathon 10km, Mini Marathon (5km).
  • Race course
  • From the Potala Square face west -- Norpulingka Road face west -- Minzu Road face south -- Jinzu Road face east -- (Terminus of Mini-Marathon) -- Kuarnadong Road face north -- Yutok Road face east -- Dosenge Road face south -- Jiangsu Road face east -- Jiangsu Dong Road face north -- (Terminus of Plateau 10 km) -- Duodi Road face north -- Damra Road face west -- Luding Road face south -- Beijing Road face east -- Potala Square(Finish).

    Lhasa City, average altitude about 3650 meters above the sea level, Oxygen content is only 67% of that in plain area. The average temperature is 7-25C° in September. The routes of this competition are all city flat roads.

  • Race Rules
  • The latest IAAF Rules shall be applied
  • Start order: To be decided by the Competition Committee of the Organizing Committee after all players registering ended
  • Closing timetable 5km 10km 15km Half-Marathon 1h 30min 2h 30min 3h 30min 4 hours
  • Doping control shall be carried out in th e competition
  • Participants
  • Half Marathon participants must be over age of 18 (born before December 31,1985).
  • He/she must be fitness fit and at lest has two years marathon training
  • 10km participants must be over age of 16 (born before December 31,1987)
  • Mini Marathon participants must be over age of 14 (born before December 31,1989)
    • Entry
    • Entry for Half Marathon, 10km and Mini Marathon, Participant must fill his/her entry forms by himself/herself.
    • Any party can entry as a team, there is no limit for number of team members
    • Burt each team member should fill his/her entry forms by himself/herself
    • Entry Fee
      1. Foreign Participants : Nonresident Aliens, USD100 per person; (Resident Aliens, USD70 per person.
      2. Participants from Hong Kong, Marco and Taiwan: USD70 per person.
      3. Participants from Chinese Mainland: RMB100 Yuan per person; For students: RMB50 Yuan per person.
      4. The closing date for entries is August 20,2003.
    • The Official Organizer and Undertake Organizer will not accept direct entry, the entry and other receipt services will be done by assigned agencies as publicized.
  • Prizes
  • Half-Marathon, 10km, Mini-Marathon(5km): The 1st to 6th winners (Men & women) will be awarded a trophy, a medal and a Result Certificate respectively
  • All finishers (within the fixed time) shall be awarded a diploma, a commemorative medal
  • All participants will receive a T-shirt, a set of competition number and a sport bag.
  • Communication of 2003 Lhasa International Half-Marathon
  • Tel: (212) 382-3725
  • Fax:(212) 382-3701

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