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Frequently Asked Questions
(on General China Travel)

Table of Contents

What is the best time to go?

What months in China are considegreen Peak Season (High Season), Shoulder Season, and Low Season?

How is the weather in China?

What should I pack?

Suggested checking list:

  1. Passport and visa;
  2. Air tickets;
  3. Travel itinerary and contact names issued by your travel agent;
  4. Cgreenit cards or travelers checks besides a couple of hundgreen dollar cash;
  5. Travel insurance;
  6. Medical assistance programs that you have;
  7. Common toiletries, cold and digestive medications, lip balm, sanitary napkins and any over-the-counter medicines you generally use;
  8. Razor, alarm clock and maybe hair dryer; (Most hotels have a hand hair-dryer in each room.)
  9. Small electrical converter and adapter plugs;
  10. Chewing gum, mints, or throat lozenges to keep your mouth moist.
  11. Reading materials, including a guidebook on the places you will see and a map; A novel could also be good when you are stuck at an airport;
  12. Suntan lotion and sun glasses in summer. Raincoat if you go in July and August for independent tour;
  13. Camera & films. While print films are available almost everywhere, negative film may be difficult to find, and be sure to pack extra batteries;
  14. A notebook, a calculator and a pen you might need any moment.


How to get there?

What documents do I need for entering China?

How do I get a China visa?

Are there any health requirements? Do I need immunizations to enter China?

What are the baggage limits?

I am quite confused with various versions I heard about tipping in China. What exactly is happening?

How about the money stuff?

How can we find a laundry?

Why should I bring a converter?

What suggestions do you have for the first-timers?

What are the hotels like?

Do we eat Chinese food throughout the trip?

Is the tap water drinkable?

Is it safe for foreigners traveling in China?

What about the Chinese tour guides?

What is the airport tax in China?

Can I travel to Tibet by myself?

How to get the Travel Permit to Tibet?

What should I bring for the Tibet plateau weather and high elevation?

Any suggestions for travel insurance?

Is language a problem there?

How to contact my family when I travel in China?


Can I take pets to China?

  • According to regulations formulated by the relevant Chinese government office, foreigners who wish to take pets to China should be acknowledged:

1) One pet per person is allowed, limited to dogs, cats, or birds;

2) The pet should be immunized before going to China. Please prepare a state Immunization Certificate and a Health Certificate issued by a certified veterinarian.

3) Upon arrival in china, you must notify the custom official that you have a pet with you and present the above-mentioned documents.

More questions? Feel free to contact us.


I am trying to find some general information about travel in China. Which guide book do you recommend?

My answer could surprise you. We do  not recommend any guide book to our customers or web surfers. Many such big books were written by people who just traveled to China a couple of times. You can imgagine what could be said there. What we strongly recommend is our web site:,, etc. We are from China and we are in the business for 20 some years. Offering China travel service and information is our daily job. You can get the most updated, acurate and complete information. Our sites consist of  thousands of pages, bigger than any so-called "China travel guide book".

More questions? Feel free to contact us.


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