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Charms of the Seas and Lakes

China is a country with long coast line and numerous lakes. Blue seawater, white beaches, russet reefs and green coconut trees form a pic ture of the most ideal place for people to shake off the fatigue of busy daily work.

Long dykes, green willows, pavilions and masts are what people go to lakes to re lax themselves like to enjoy. With the rapid growth of the Chinese economy, China occupies a more and more impor tant position in the world's political and economic life. While seeking after China's a variety of historic relics, won derful landscapes and colorful folk art, tourists from foreign countries have be gun to cast their eyes to China's seas and lakes, which are basically qualified for relaxation, vacation and tourism.

Dalian is one of the major seashore tourist cities in the northern China. Look ing down from the plane, you can see green hills, blue water, luxuriant trees and blooming flowers. Dalian is a gar den city, the annual Chinese Locust Blos som Festival is held here in May. Walk ing along streets and lanes, you will find numerous high here in May.

Walking along streets and lanes, you will find nu merous high buildings, beautiful parks and scenic sites. Dalian is an ideal city for tourism. Driving on the seashore road that as long as 30 kilometres from east to west, you will see a large summer re sort. Bath beaches, hills, parks, caves and reefs, like bright pearls, are strung to gether by the road as a jade belt. Rowing a boat, you will see fantastic stone for ests, mysterious grottoes. Lingering, an gling, swimming, fishing and barbecue at the bay will give you endless interest.

Playing at the beach, enjoying the sun shine and fresh air, having a sea bath or sand bath, you will be relaxed and happy.

The Jinshi Beach has the name of "geo logical museum" because of having reefs of all shapes. There are stone bridges eroded by waves, deep brown cliffs and pink reefs. The stones and reefs here are different from each other: one looks like a seal carrying a baby on its back, one appears like a crocodile playing in water, some look like hippos, sea lions or eagles.

Qingdao is another pleasant resort for relaxation. It is sutrounded by sea from three sides and well-known fot Qin Island, Lao Mountain and the bath beaches. On the east of the city, there are the Taiping Cape and the Huiquan Cape.

On the north the Zhan Hill and the Taipiflg Hill are located along the Taiping Bay. The city is decorated by trees and flowers such as roses, Chinese flowering crabapples, peaches and cedars. More than 100 buildings ofvillas, built in line with the topography, are eye catching with their harmonious colors and ingenious designs.

The parks along the seashores ate featured of green trees, grass, antique pavilions and winding paths. There are ten scenic spots in Qingdao. One of them is the "Flower Sea in the East Garden" in the Zhongshan Park on the north of the Huiquan Bay.

The paths are covered by oriental cher ries in the garden, which includes sev eral small gardens, such as the Liana Gar den, Magflolia Garden and Rose Garden. With luxuriant pine trees and precipi tous reefs, the Lu Xun Park is located in the west side of the bay. In the park there is a stone archway facing the sea. It is a great pleasure angling beside the cliff.

This forms another one of Qingdao's ten scenic spots, "Angling on the Bay". Ac tually, the name of Qingdao originated from the Qin Island in the Qingdao Bay. The island's area is only 0.012 square ki lometers. A long dyke links the island and the land. ln the highest place of the island, a lighthouse has been set up.

The "Twinkling Light in the Qin Island" in the evening becomes another view of Qingdao's ten scenic spots. The air on the island is fresh and moist. The tempera tute here in summer is below 30 degrees Celsius and the seawater won't be frozen even in midwinter. A large number of sanatoriums and hotels scattered along the seashore and receive millions of visi tors every year.

Nowhere is more ideal for people to know, to understand and to love the sea than the Hainan Island, China's largesc special economic tone. Everything here is related to the sea, even the changeable and fantastic color of the sea. Hainan's coconuts are the best in China, and the coconuts in Hainan's Wenchang County are the best in the island. Half of the to tal numbet ofWenchang's coconuts come from its eastern suburban district. Dur ing the Hainan International Coconut Festival, domestic and foreign tourists come in a continuous stream to enjoy sightseeing and tasting coconuts. The Xinglong Hot Spring Zone in Wanning County is the fitst developed, most dis tinctive afld best-known holiday resort in Hainan.

There are many overseas Chi nese immigrants from the Southeast Asia. They grow coffee which is the best in Hainan, cook Indonesian and Malayan food, develop quality hot springs for tour ists to bathe, and grow tropical fruits.

There are also vast forests of rubber trees, many European-style villas, swimming pools of hot springs and bonfire and bar becue parties. When the north part of the country is covered by snow, Hainan is still as warm and vital as in spring.

The natute has given Sanya City in the most south end of Hainan all the "ten elements of tourism", namely, sunshine, sea, beach, forest, animal, hot spring, grotto, folkway, countryside and air.

Thete are "The Eflds ofThe Earth", which is a combination of huge stones, legends, poems and spraying waves, the status of "che Deer Turning Back", which stems from a moving legend, the Yalong Bay with the silver white beach, and the vast and calm Dadonghai. There are also many well-equipped hotels, restaurants, villas and sanatoriums. More importantly, there are the Sanya people who are kind and hospitable.

The setting up ofthe National Holi day Resort of Meizhou Island ifl Fujian and its activities ate related to the name of "Mazu" and the belief in her. Mazu, whose original surname was Lin, was born in the Song Dynasty. Her life was short, but she was very kind and often saved people from drowning. Nearly one hundred million people in the world believe in her. As the birthplace of Mazu, the Meizhou Island is the hot site where domestic and overseas believers pay homage to Mazu. The belief leads to the attachment re spect to the origin of che nation and to the development of tourism.

The expanse of the sea is no doubt attractive, but the grace of lakes is also appealing. A tour to the Tai Lake will give you a chance to remember the an cient famous people while enjoying the charming scenery. Looking at the beau tiful scenery in the lake nearby and the hills far away from the Li Garden, You are easy to think of the picture that the retired Fan Li was rowing on the lake with Xi Shi. Left the Yuantouzu, you can have a cup of tea in the teahouse in the small island and enjoy the beauty of the Tai Lake.

The beauty of the Tai Lake comes from its excellent nature and wonderful workmanship. What makes the Dian Pool in Yunflan and the Nan Lake in Guangzhou so beautiful! To be an ap preciator and explorer, you will find the answers.

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