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The West Tianmu Mountain

Located 3 I kilometers west of Lin'an County, Hangzhou, there is a national nature reserve for protecting forest and wildlife at the West Tianmu Mountain.

It is called the natural botanic grader because of the over 2,000 plant species growing here. The reserve is particularly well known for the rare huge and soaring ancient forests.

Here one can see the wild ginko of the Mesozoic era, known as the living fossil, Daliu China fir with a diameter of over two meters that is not found elsewhere in the world, the gold coin pine (Pseudclarix amabilis) that thrusts 56 meters high into the sky, the Tianmu Ironwood growing only here and many other rare trees. The nature reserve is also a paradise for several hundred animal and bird species, thirty of which are endangered species such as cloud leopard and black muntjac. With its year around beautiful landscape and the cool weather in summer, the reserve is an ideal summer resort for tourists.

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