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Dalin Jinshitan

The history of Jinshitan (literally golden pebble beech ) can be traced to Sinian period which was 600 million years ago .

The constrction of Jinshitan started in the middle eighties of this century . Anyone who has his access to it will be intoxicated by its unique scenery and environment . It arose great attention of the government naturally .

In 1988 , the State Council of P.R.C listed Jinshitan among key scenery and relics areas of China and in 1992 , the State Coucil approved it as the State Tourist and Holiday Resort which was the only one in northeast China .       In the past three years , the administrative committee has inatiated with 13 sqkilomtres area (first phase ) its construction in gneral and infrastructures in particular .

Up to now , construction of infrastructures have been completed such as water , power supply , roads , tele_communications and a port for tourism . In order to encourage foreign investment , great concentration has been made on soft environment .

The architectures with European style , against blue sky and blue seas , is filled with exotic appeal and modern flavour . In the years toward the end of this century , Hinshitan National Resort shall be built the largest flower garden in northern China , a back garden of "Northern Hongkong" .

IN May 1995 , the standing Committee of People's Congress of Liaoning Privince ratified officially the first local law for tourism "Dalian Jinshitan National Resort Administrative Regulations " which grants a series of preferential policies forming a lawful basis for the investors .

The construction and development of the resort has draws great attraction to many judicious investors at home and abroad . At the moment , some super and large projects such as golden pebble golf course and China international yacht club have been complished and are open to the public .

Now a modern , high standard resort which receives overseas mainly has taken an inatial shape . In the near future , Jinshitan National resort is sure to become a bridge for China's tourism marching toward the world .

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