Chinese Cuisine and Snacks
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Hubei Snacks

Hubei boasts various kinds of snacks. Wuhan ranks first in the province in the variety of snacks, such as Laotongcheng Dried Sheet of Mung Bean, Four-season Delicious Tangbao (steamed bun filled with juicy minced meat), Xiaotaoyuan Chicken Broth, and Cailinji Hot Dried Noodles, all of which enjoy a high reputation both at home and abroad. Popular foods for breakfast include rice noodles, steamed bread, jellied bean curd, strong-smelling fermented bean curd, etc.

Laotongcheng Dried Sheet of Mung Bean

Golden yellow in color, this snack has a thin skin and delicious stuffing, refreshing but not greasy.

Four-season Delicious Tangbao (steamed bun filled with juicy minced meat)

Meticulously prepared, such steamed buns are tasty and richly fragrant. If one eats the bun with shredded ginger, vinegar and soy sauce, it will be more delicious and tasty.

Cailinji Hot Dried Noodles

As a unique food to Wuhan, the hot dried noodles are well prepared with high-quality flour and special seasonings. Golden yellow in color, Cailinji hot dried noodles are tasty, cheap, delicious, aromatic and not greasy.

Xiaotaoyuan Chicken Broth

This chicken broth, prepared with high cooking skills, is clear, tasty and not greasy, much more delicious than the chicken broth cooked by ordinary folks.

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