Chinese Cuisine and Snacks
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Jinan Snacks

Clear Oil Coiled Flour Threads Cake

Fried with peanut oil, clear oil coiled flour threads cake is a meticulously prepared flour food. Crisp outside and tender inside, this cake is sweet and tasty, hence a favorite snack for the banquet.

Guotie (Light Fried Dumplings)

Light fried dumplings mainly have fillings prepared with pork and various kinds of seasonal vegetables. In yellow color, light fried dumplings are crisp, soft and delicious.

Sweet and Crunchy Fried Cake

Mainly prepared with millets, sweet and crunchy fried cakes have different tastes because of the use of varied flavoring essence, such as peanuts, chesnuts, pineapple, bananas, roses and mint. Thin, crisp and crunchy, such cakes in golden yellow color are aromatic and sweet, not greasy at all.

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