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Recommended Delicacy Tourist Routes

Zhenjiang City Qianlong Imperial Banquet Tour

Tourists taking this route may visit beautiful, tall and straight Jinshan Hill, tree-covered Jiaoshan Hill in the middle of the Yangtze River, strategic Beigu Hill by the Yangtze River, and taste various kinds of delicious dishes which were served to Emperor Qianlong during his inspection of southeast China.

Huai'an Huaiyang Delicacy Culture Tour

Former residences of famous personages -Huaiyang delicacies-beautiful Hongze Lake-scenic Yuyi County-Huai'an ecological agriculture.

Three-delicacy Tour Along the Yangtze River

Zhenjiang is on the southern bank on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The juncture of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Yangtze River teems with three kinds of famous fish - hairtail, hilsa herring and silvery pomfret, which are known as three delicacies from the Yangtze.

Along this tourist route, you may take a tour of Zhenjiang, have an understanding of local customs of this ancient city, eat "three delicacies from the Yangtze River," live in the farmer's home, watch folk artists making bamboo articles and paper-cuts and taste home-made snacks.

Recommended Sichuan Tourist Routes

Taking the "Three Kingdoms" Route and Tasting the "Three Kingdoms"Banquet

  1. Arrive in Chengdu, visit Memorial Temple of Marquis Wu, and taste the "Three Kingdom," Banquet at Shuhan City.
  2. Visit Sanxingdui, Memorial Temple of Pang Tong and Fule Hill in Mianyang, stay at Mianyang, and taste Zhang Fei-brand beef, bean jellies and other local dishes of north Sichuan.
  3. Go to Zitong from Mianyang, visit the large temple in Qiqu Hill, Cuiyun Corridor and the ancient plank road of the pre-Qin period built along the cliff side, and taste the Jianmen Bean Curd Banquet.
  4. Visit the ancient Jiameng Pass, Bright Moon Gorge, a plank road in Qingfeng Gorge and Huangze Temple.
  5. . Return to Chengdu from Guangyuan.

Visiting World Heritages and Tasting Tibetan and Qiang Food

  1. Arrive in Chengdu and taste Sichuan cuisine.
  2. From Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou.
  3. Take a tour of Jiuzhaigou.
  4. Go to Huanglong and Maoxian Count from Jiuzhaigou.
  5. Go to Qingcheng Mountain and Dujiangyan Irrigation Project From Maoxian County. 6. Return to Chengdu from Dujiangyan.
Three Delicacy Tourist Routes of Shandong
  1. Snack route: Jinan (Pansi Cake and Lotus Leaf Cake)-Weifang (Jinni Noodles and Chaotianguo)-Qingdao (Fried Egg and Noodles, and Dumpling with Fish Stuffing)-Yantai (Fushan Hand-pulled Noodles and Zhaoyuan Sausage)-Tai'an (Magical Bean Curd and Fried and Crisp Cake)-Heze (Old Chicken Wonton Dumpling Soup and Danxian County Mutton Soup)
  2. Seafood route: Qingdao-Weifang-Dongying-Yantai-Weihai-Penglai-Laizhou
  3. Confucius Mansion route: Tai'an (Bean Curd Banquet)-Qufu (Confucius Mansion Banquet)-Jining (Weishan Lake Fish Banquet)
|Chinese Cuisine and Snacks|

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