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The Leaders of Shaanxi Grand Opera House

Mr.Zhao jiping ( President of Shaanxi Song & Dance Institute and General Art Supervisor of Shaanxi Grand Song & Dance Theatre):Born in August 1945 in Shulu, Hebei Province, Mr.Zhao is now the Vice Chairman of China Music Association and Deputy Director of China Film Music Association.

He is honored as the first-class state composer and player as well as a specialist with outstanding contributions nominated by the State Council. As a musician with the most and highest awards in the circle of film music in China, he composed music for about 40 films, among which 13 have won a variety of major awards both at home and abroad. His soundtrack for Five Girls and a piece of String won the prize for the best music at Nantes Film Festival held in France.

The Red Sorghum won the Golden Bear Award at the International Film Festival held in Berlin. Farewell My Concubine won the Golden Palm at Ghana International Film Festival and The Lawsuit of Qiuju won the Golden Lion Award at Venice International Film Festival, etc.

Mr.Zhao jiping is not only a productive but also a versatile composer. He wrote a series of symphonics, concertos and both traditional and modern operas while he was working on the film music. His works were shown in the US, Europe and Japan, etc. and won many international music awards. Some of them were even recorded and published throughout the world. In 1995, Mr.Zhaojiping was invited to attend the second International Forum on Film Music held in Switzerland.

Mr.Zhao jiping has succeeded in the combination of western music with Chinese traditional music, which embodies the artistic idea that there is no boundary in music.

Miss Feng jianxue (Vice President of Shaanxi Song &Dance Institute & Art Instructor of Shaanxi Grand Song & Dance Theatre):Miss Feng jianxue, member of China Musicians Association is a first-class singer. She has visited many countries on her cultural exchange tours and has won the honor as one of the most influential singers in the west of China. She also won the title of Top ten Folk Song Singer in the National Folk Song Contest of China.

Mr.LiQi (Vice President of Shaanxi Song & Dance Institute): Mr.Li Qi, the most influential writer of the young generation, is a first-class state playwright, member of China Musicians Association,membcr of China Dancers Association and one of the designers of the first show of the palace dance in the Tang Dynasty style--Dance with Musical Accompaniment in the Style of the Tang Dynasty.

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