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The Tang Music and Dance

Of the13 dynasties that established their Capital in Xiata (also known as Chang An), the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) is distinguished as the most progressive and prosperous era in tile history of China. The music and dance of this period symbolize the splendour and the glory of the Chinese civilization and is world renowned.

The Tang music and dance not only inherit the song, and dance of the preceding dynasties but assimilate the new and exotic culture, that came to pay homage. Ancient Chang An (Xian) was the Eastern Destination of the Silk Road.

It was also the crossroad where travelers, merchants and neighboring minority tribes converged to trade. In an authenticTang Cultural performance, one can sense the integration of the folk customs that are predominant of this great ancient cosmopolitan.

Traditional Chinese folk dances originated from sacrificial ritual, where rhythmic movements and prayers combined to appease god, and exorcise evil spirit. Through the ages, these unrestrained folk dances evolved with the deaelopment of the Chinese Culture, but it was during the flourishing Tang Dynasty, that these dances thoroughly became a graceful artform.

These new and graceful movements blend with the magnificent tune of Authentic Tang musical instruments such as bells, drums, and zithers, to create a Cultural experience that is both extravagant and entertaining.

After years of painstaking practice, our modern artists attempt to reproduce for you our impression of the splendour and the glory of this great civilization.

The Tang Dynasty Theatre Restaurant proudly presents to you the Tang Cultural Music and Dance performed by the Tang Dynasty Song and Dance Troupe. This perfonnance is internationally renowned as the most accurate rendition that reflects the richness of that golden age.

We hope that you will enjoy our presentation and most of all we hope that this experience will help you appreciate the culture of the Tang Dynasty.

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