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Selected Travel Routes on the Horticultural Tour of China

  • Name of Route:Tour of Cream of Chinese Garden Culture
  • Tourist Attractions:1 . Imperial Garden and Qianlong Garden of Former Imperial Palace-Temple of HeavenSummer Palace; 2. Yuyuan Garden of Shanghai; 3. Night Tour of Garden-to-Linger-InHumble Administrator's Garden-Tiger Hill-Garden of Fishing Net Master

  • Name of Route:Tour of Imperial Gardens in Beijing
  • Tourist Attractions:1 . Imperial Garden and Qianlong Garden of Former Imperial Palace-Jingshan Parlk-Beihai ParkGarden of Mansion of the Prince of Gong-Temple of Heaven-Summer Palace-Ruins of Yuanmingyuan Garden

  • Name of Route:Tour of City Gardens of Beijing
  • Tourist Attractions:Imperial Garden of Former Imperial Palace-Qianlong Garden-Jingshan Garden-Beihai GardenGarden of Mansion of Prince of Gong-Temple of Heaven-Sun Yat-sen Park (including Tian'anmen Square)

  • Name of Route:Tour of Gardens in Beijing's Western Suburbs
  • Tourist Attractions:Summer Palace-Yuanmingyuan Garden-Xiangshan Park (including Beijing Botanical Garden)

  • Name of Route:Tour of the Cream of Chinese GArden Culture in the Lower Yangtze River Valley
  • Tourist Attractions:West Lake of Hangzhou-Yuyuan Garden of Shanghai-Classical Gardens of Suzhou(Humble Administrator's Garden, Garden-to-Linger-In, and Garden of Fishing Net Master)-Garden of Ease of Mind of Wuxi-Classical Gardens in Nanjing (Zhanyuan Garden and Xiyuan Garden)

  • Name of Route:Tour of Classical Gardens in Suzhou
  • Tourist Attractions:Humble Administrator's Garden-Garden-to-Linger-In-Circular Grace Mountain Villa-Garden of Fishing Net Master-Tiger Hill-West Garden (Xiyuan Temple)-Hanshan Temple-Panmen Gate

  • Name of Route:Tour of Gardens and Scenic Attractions in Suzhou
  • Tourist Attractions:Humble Administrator's Garden-Garden-to-Linger-In-Tiger Hill-Circular Grace Mountain Villa (Visiting Embroidery Research Institute)-Night Tour of Garden of Fishing Net Master

  • Name of Route:Tour of Gardens in Guangdong
  • Tourist Attractions:Chen's Ancestral Temple-Yuying Mountain House-Guangzhou Botanical Garden-Keyuan Garden in Dongguan-Liangyuan Garden in Foshan-Qinghui Garden in Shunde

  • Name of Route:Tour of International Horticultural Exposition in Kunming
  • Tourist Attractions:Golden Temple Scenic Zone (International Horticultural Exposition-Cuihu Park-Grand View Pavilion Park-Kunming Botanical Garden-Xishuangbanna Botanical Garden

  • Name of Route:Educational Tour of Botanical Gardens in China
  • Tourist Attractions:Beijing Botanical Garden-Hangzhou Botanical Garden-Nanjing Botanical Garden-Wuhan Botanical Garde n-Guangzhou Botanical Garden-Kunming Botanical Garden-Xishuangbanna Botanical Garden

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