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Wuhan Products

Enamel Golden Chime They are copies of ancient bronze chimes with new production techniques such as pierced work and bas-relief. The entire article embraces grace of ancient relics and modern charms as well.

Honghu Lake Feather Fan A traditional handicraft product made of feathers of various birds and fowls living in Honghu Lake. Bamboo, ox bone and ivory are used in making the ribs and a fan pendant is tied with a silk thread for decoration.

Wuhan Copper Gong Round with loud sound, the instrument can provide excellent background music in Western symphonic performance or jazz music. They are sold to more than 20 countries and regions.

Blunt-Snout Bream A special fresh-water fish with lovely figures, delicious taste and rich nutrition. Late Chairman Mao once wrote his feeling in a poem after he tried the dish, which made the fish ever more famous both at home and abroad.

Jiangling Products

Jingzhou Silk and Brocade The products are of excellent quality with dense national characteristics and Chu cultural features.

Jingzhou Eight-Treasures Gruel Tasty and nutritious food made of glutinous rice, bean paste and preserved fruits, etc.

Dragon-Phoenix Dish A famous dish for the wedding ceremony of Liu Bei with ricefield eel as dragon and chicken as phoenix.

Wax Gourd-Calipash Soup Stewed fat calipash and tender wax gourd in chicken soup without soy sauce, a local delicacy.

Jiuhuang Pancake Famous local pastry, crisp and sweet.

Yichang Products

Color Pottery One of the three treasures of Yicharxg-the other two being potted landscape and tangerine. Most are black glazed with painting, relief, calligraphy and seal cutting, quite precious for decoration, collection and practical use.

Three-Gorges Jade It is kind of unique colorful fossil in the Three Gorges area of ancient creatures such as foraminifer and sea lily. The primitive creatures are still quite clear on the marvelous fossil.

Ming Potted Landscape One of the three treasures of Yichang, a miniature of the gorgeous scenes of the Three Gorges--majestic Qutang Gorge, secluded Wuxia Gorge and precipitous Xiling Gorge. The stones used are also explored from that region.

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