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"Yang" in Chinese means south of a mountain. Hengyang got its name from the fact that it is located to the south of Hengshan Mountain. It was the most important transport pivot and political, economic and cultural center of southern Hunan. About 45 km north of Hengyang is the famous tourism area of Nanyue. The major scenic spots are the Nanyue Grand Temple, the Nantai Temple, the Zhu Rong Peak and the Tomb of Emperor Yan.

Nanyue Grand Temple
Located on Beijie Street ofNanyue Town, it covers an area of more than 9,800 square meters. Imitating the style of the Forbidden City in Beijing, it is divided into nine rows. The Temple faces the south and its turrets stand tall. Clear brooks flow around the red walls. Eight Taoist temples are situated in the eastern part and eight Buddhist temples in the western part of the Temple, showing the connection between the two kinds of religions. The elaborate building, complete structures and careful layout are hard to find in other ancient buildings in China.

Zhu Rong Peak
The peak is 1,290 meters high, the tallest one in Nanyue district. It is named after a person Zhu Rong. On the top is the Zhu Rong Hall, the Nantiamnen (South Gate Heaven) and the WanRyuetai (Platform to watch the moon). Nearby are the Xianren Bridge, the Luohan Cave, the Sheshen Rock and the Huixian Bridge.

The Tomb of Emperor Yan
Emperor Yam is regarded as among the first ancestors of Chinese people. His tomb is in the Luyuanpo of Tangxiangtian, 15 km southwest of Yarding County, It is said that in remote antiquity, Emperor Yan (Shennongshi) went to the south to treat patients and unintentionally tasted some gelsemium elegans and died from it a short time later. He was buried in Luyuanpo. The present tomb was renovated in 1988. It has five rows of rooms, which are solemn and simple, but quite magnificent.

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