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Chongqing / Famous Shops and Stores


On the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in southwest China, Chongqing is a communications hub connecting central China. Chongqing has been famous for its water docks on the Yangtze River, a golden waterway. It has been a trade center in southwest China. Recently, Chongqing has become an important port city in west areas of China.

Chongqing has a vast area and rich natural resources. It boasts great varieties of local and special products including the famous traditional Chinese herb Shizhu rhizome of Chinese goldthread, Jiangjin orange, Fengjie navel orange, thin sliced jerk, Fuling hot pickled mustard tuber, Rongchang folded fan, Longshui metals, Huatao ceramics. They all are famous at home and abroad. Also Chongqing is the largest industrial base in southwest China.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Fermented Bean Curd

It is a traditional famous food and a good seasoning. In a bright color, it is tender and delicious.

Sichuan Beef Jerk

A food for banquet, travel and a gift for friends, it is made of tender beef, with sugar and condiment. It has unique five kinds of aroma.

Bamboo Pleated Cases for Porcelain

These bamboo cases covering porcelain vases or tea sets can protect the ceramics and make them more beautiful with various kinds of designs.

Silver Needle Tea

A green tea from Chongqing, it is famous for its unique fragrance and pure taste. It is one of the best green teas.

Jiangjin Orange

Jiangjin orange is one of the main orange producers in Chongqing. Jiangjin orange is juicy, sweet and a little sour. It is nourish.

Sichuan Embroidery

One of the four famous embroidery styles in China, Sichuan embroidery has been famous since 1,600 years ago during the Eastern Jin Dynasty for its strict and even stitches, lucid and lively colors. The themes are always figures, flowers, birds, worms and fish. The products include embroidered clothes, shoes and bed covers.

Jiangjin Pop-Rice Candy

Jiangjin pop-rice crunchy candy is a traditional local product and is welcome by adults and children as it is sweet, fragrant and tasty.

Three-Gorges Stone Ink Slabs

Made of amethyst from Libi Gorge area on Jialing River, this ink slab is one of the famous ink slabs in Sichuan Province for its good quality, quick dissolution of ink and slow volatilization of ink.

Fuling Hot Pickled Mustard Tuber

This is a unique preserved vegetable and is crunchy, tender and delicious, good for making dishes and soups.

Tuo Tea

Produced by Chongqing Tea Factory with the quality tea from Yunfeng Mountain, Tuo tea is good for health and weight reducing.

Bamboo Pleated Articles

Some 30 kinds of daily use articles and handicrafts woven with local Nan bamboo pillings include cushions, bamboo chairs and curtains. These articles are good in aerating cool and comfortable. They have a good market.

Famous Bazaars

Chongqing Department Store Stock Co. Ltd.

It is the first state-owned department store established after Chongqing was liberated. Through a development in the past decades, it now has 22 branches and ranked the fifth in the total volume of sales in 1999 in China.

New Century

A newly built mall of the 1990s, it has developed rapidly and its business volume increased steadily in the past few years. Today it is one of the main general merchandise markets in Chongqing.

Sunlight Department Store

Established in the 1990s, this large market provides a comfortable environment and monopolizes the general merchandise trade in the city with its high-grade commodities.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Department Store
  • 2 Minquan Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63843197
  • New Century Department Store
  • 18 Qingnian Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63818611
  • Trade Mansion
  • 1 Minquan Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63830235
  • Pacific Department Store
  • 68 Zourong Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63710088
  • Metropolitan Plaza
  • 68 Zourong Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63813800
  • Sunlight Department Store
  • 235 Minsheng Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63845888
  • Fu'an Department Store
  • 32 Third Zhongshan Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63871888
  • Lidan Department Store
  • 25 Yangjiapingzhen St., Jiulongpo District
  • Tel:68431524
  • Carrefour
  • 2 Minzu Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63789010
  • Jiefangbei Central Shopping Square
  • Nearby Liberation Monument, Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63733660
  • Friendship Overseas Chinese Store
  • 173 Minzu Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63833946
  • Qunying Shopping Square
  • 139 Zourong Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63809888
  • Chenguang Department Store
  • Shiqiaopu, Jiulongpo District
  • Tel:68614660
  • Parkson Shopping Center
  • 77 Second Changjiang Rd., Daping
  • Tel:68896940
  • Shaping Commercial Building
  • Xiaoxin St., Shapingba District
  • Tel:65311739
  • Cultural Relics Store
  • Minsheng Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel: 63844225

Shopping Streets

  • Chaotianmen Wholesales
  • Jiefang E. Rd., Yuzhong District
  • Tel:63835273
  • Shapingba Pedestrian-only Street
  • New Xiaolongkan St., Shapingba District
  • Tel:65312971
  • Dazubaoding Tourist Commodity Street
  • Banding Town, Dazu County
  • Tel:43727651

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