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Guilin / Famous Shops and Stores


Known for its verdant hills, limpid waters, mysterious caves and grotesque rocks, Guilin has enjoyed the reputation of having the country's most beautiful scenery for hundreds of years. Guilin local products and handicrafts include Shatian shaddock, water chestnuts, fermented bean curd, medicinal materials, paper umbrellas and artistic pottery and porcelain.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Water Chestnut

Water chestnuts grown in Guilin have thin skin, thick pulp, a bright color and a sweet taste. They may be eaten as fruit, or used to prepare dishes.


Mangosteen is a precious traditional Chinese medicine. The medicines made of its roots and fruit can help clear the lung, reduce phlegm, and improve the spleen.

Fermented Bean curd

Fermented bean curd made in Guilin is yellow in cream color, transparent, soft and delicious. It may be eaten together with rice or bread, or used as a seasoning.

Paper Umbrella

Guilin has a history of 400 years of making paper umbrellas, which fall into two varieties, oil and colorful umbrellas. Paper umbrellas made in Guilin are ancient, unsophisticated and elegant, with beautiful designs and various styles. The paper umbrella may serve as a good gift.

Artistic Pottery and Porcelain

Guilin artistic pottery and porcelain are made of local clay after a series of production procedures, with a simple, new and graceful style.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Silver Dragon Jewelry Co. Ltd.
  • Pearls, jewels, jade objects
  • 26 Seven Star Rd.
  • Tel:5829888
  • Lulingguan Drugstore
  • Traditional Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese patent medicines
  • In Yanshan Botanical Garden
  • Tel:3550696
  • Ethnic Calligraphy and Painting Store
  • Calligraphy, paintings of Tourism Vocational School
  • In the Tourism Vocational School
  • Tel:5812415
  • Tourism Jade Carving Factory
  • Pearls, jewels, jade objects
  • By Jiashan Hotel
  • Tel:2861562
  • Yulong Jewelry Store
  • Pearls, jewels, jade objects
  • 4 Shijiayuan, Lidong Rd.
  • Tel:5831928
  • Ziyuan Trade Company
  • Pearls
  • 35 Xishan Rd.
  • Tel:2834176
  • Silver Dragon Pearl & Famous Painting Company
  • Pearls, famous paintings
  • 1 East Chuanshan Rd.
  • Tel:5825888
  • Ruixiangbao Jade and Treasure Stone Shop
  • Crystal products
  • 2 Foxing Rd.
  • Tel:5819292
  • Lipai Dress Company
  • Silk dresses
  • 85 Binjiang Rd.
  • Tel:2807321
  • Shanyu Hall of Weird Stones from Nature
  • Weird stones
  • By South Xishan Park
  • Tel:3826482
  • Artistic Pottery and Porcelain Factory
  • Artistic pottery and porcelain ware
  • 72 Seven Star Rd.
  • Tel:5812763

Shops in Hotels

  • Sheraton Hotel Shopping center
  • Antiques, jade objects, Guilin Food, special tapestries
  • Binjiang S. Rd.
  • Tel:2825588
  • Guilin Hotel Shopping center
  • Classical clothes, handicrafts
  • 14 Ronghu S. Rd.
  • Tel:2823950
  • Ronghu Hotel Shopping center
  • Clothes, handicrafts
  • 17 Ronghu N. Rd.
  • Tel:2823811
  • Lijiang Hotel Shopping center
  • Ornaments, carpets
  • 1 Shanhu N. Rd.
  • Tel:2822881

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