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Harbin / Famous Shops and Stores


Harbin is not only the ideal place to enjoy ice and snow tour, but also a shopping center. It has held several import and export commodities fairs and enjoyed a high reputation at the international market. It boats many special and local products including the agate from Longjiang, wheat straw patchwork, ox horn mosaics, chum salmon, hedgehog and edible black fungus and thorny acanthopanax root and blackberry.

Famous Bazaars

Qiulin Co.

It is a comprehensive shopping mall dealing mainly with brand clothing, food, general merchandise, which will provide you a graceful environment and all kinds of facilities.

Songlei Trade Mansion

It is a comprehensive shopping center for shopping, relaxation, catering, amusement and sightseeing.

Songlei International Trade Mansion

It sells sophisticated clothes for ladies and gentlemen, leisure clothing, shoes, beddings, cosmetics, gold and silver jewelry.

Harbin First Department Store

It is a large-scaled comprehensive shopping mall, which will cater you with a rich variety of merchandise of all grads and is a representative shopping mall in Harbin.

Yuanda Shopping Center

A comprehensive large-scale center for shopping, catering and amusement, it has a business area of 40,000 square meters. It has eight floors including two in basement. This magnificent building boasts advanced and perfect facilities and a bright and spacious shopping environment.

Central Commercial City

It mainly sells general merchandise, cosmetics, and exquisite clothing.

Shopping Streets

Sino-Russian Trade Market

A large exchange center for Chinese and Russian people living in border areas established in June 1992, it is composed of five streets crossed each other. It has two indoor business halls. The market occupies an area of 30,000 square meters. Its outdoor business hall has a floor space of 24,000 square meters. In semi-closed building, the market has 2,500 stands.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Qiulin Co.
  • General merchandise
  • 319 Dongdazhi St.
  • Tel:3600588
  • Harbin No. l Department Store
  • General merchandise
  • 118 Shitoudao St.
  • Tel:4615588
  • Central Commercial City
  • General merchandise
  • 100 Central St.
  • Tel:4654684
  • Songlei Trade Mansion
  • General merchandise
  • 329 Dongdazhi St.
  • Tel:3646867
  • Pharmacy Medicines
  • 366 Fendou Rd.
  • Tel:3631359
  • Heibao Medicine Group
  • Health-care goods and medicines
  • 166 Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2668532
  • Sibulandi Gem Co.
  • Handicrafts 5/F, Kegongmao, Changjiang Rd.
  • Tel:2310121
  • Hanqing Pearl Shop
  • Handicrafts
  • 3 Beijing St.
  • Tel:3660468
  • Korean Ethnic Goods Shop
  • Handicrafts of Korean ethnic group
  • 41 Jingwei Erdao St.
  • Tel:4282606
  • Dongbeihu Leather World
  • Leather
  • 73 Central St.
  • Tel:4689588
  • Songlei International Trade
  • General merchandise Mansion
  • Daoli District
  • Tel:4685419
  • Yuanda Shopping Center
  • General merchandise
  • 19 Rongshi St., Nangang District
  • Tel:3627189
  • Sino-Russian Trade Market
  • Clothing and Handicrafts
  • 13 Hegou St., Nangang District
  • Tel:3672347

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