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Huangshan / Famous Shops and Stores


At the juncture of Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces, and in the south of Anhui Province, Huangshan City has jurisdiction over three districts, four counties and the Huangshan Scenic Area. Each district or county has shopping streets, with Old Tunxi Street being the most famous.

Huangshan City has a wide variety of tourism commodities, and is the land of the four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slabs and paper). Hui and She inkslabs produced by Huangshan City have been well known both at home and abroad, in addition to lacquer ware of Huizhou, Taiping Houkui and Huangshan Maofeng tea (among the 10 most famous tea in China), Tongderen Drugstore with a history of over a hundred years, and Chengdexin Pickle Store. Huangshan is also a producer of chrysanthemums, dried bamboo shoots and pteridophyte; and Huizhou is the land of bamboo carvings and potted landscapes. Huizhou's pears, Santan loquats, Jiekou sweet tangerines and sweet jujubes have been famous both at home and abroad.

Famous Bazaars

Tunxi Hukaiwen Ink Factory

Tunxi Hukaiwen Ink Factory, Huangshan City, was founded by Hu Tianzhu, the foremost exponent of Hukaiwen Old Store, in the 47th year of the Qianlong reign period of the Qing Dynasty (1782). It is the only state-owned enterprise producing ink in China. Now Tunxi Hukaiwen Ink Factory owns the Tianyun Restaurant (a Sino-foreign joint venture), Shezhou Treasure Ink slab Factory, Hukaiwen Old Store, Artistic Packing Decoration Factory, and Old Street Art Forest Pavilion; and still has nearly 10,000 sets of wood carving molds of the past ages. Its products are sold to Japan, the countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

In 1994, it developed the super fine Hui ink, which is made with highquality materials, new techniques, and excellent prescriptions.

Tongderen State-owned Drugstore

With a history of over 100 years, the drugstore sells Chinese herbal medicines and traditional Chinese patent medicines at wholesale or retail. Every year, the drugstore sends staff to buy precious medicinal herbs from all parts of Huizhou, and transport them to Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. The drugstore also purchases high-quality tonics, such as ginseng and edible bird's nests, from other parts of the country to sell on the market of Huangshan City.

Sanbai Ink slab Studio

Zhou Xiaolin, the owner of the studio, is a famous connoisseur and collector of ink slabs of great attainments. Many precious ink slabs are displayed at his store, such as "Taibai and the Moon" and "Sword Soul", which are among the masterpiece ink slabs in China.

Shopping Streets of Tunxi District

Tunxi Old Street

It is a well-preserved ancient Street, totaling 1,273 m long. On the both sides of the Street stand 257 stores, such as teahouses, wine shops, bookstores and commercial shops, plus horizontal inscribed boards, flags and streams. Row upon row of stores is in picturesque disorder, showing the profound culture of Huizhou and graceful bearing of local merchants. It is a pedestrian shopping street, showing the architectural style of the Qing and Ming dynasties.

Shops and Bazaars of Huangshan District

Dragon Well Market in Huangshan

Located in Beihai North Road, Huangshan District, the Dragon Well Market has a construction area of 4,195 sq m, including a trading shed of 1,588 sq m, 360 stands. The market is well arranged, spacious, and elegantly shaped. The market mainly engages in wholesale of agricultural and sideline products, plus the catering and service trade.

Huangshan Tea Market

Located in Pinghu Road between Huangshan Mountain and Taiping Lake, the market covers an area of 1,058.4 sq m, and has 280 stalls, and 49 stores in the east, west and south. The main building in the south has three stories, showing courtyard-type architecture of the Hui school. The market mainly sells tea, local and special products, and tourism souvenirs.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Shopping Center of the Department Store
  • Beihai M. Rd.
  • Tel:8532321
  • Central Market
  • Beihai M. Rd.
  • Tel:8532133
  • Beihai Supermarket
  • Beihai M. Rd.
  • Tel:8532846
  • Beihai Commercial Corporation
  • Pinghu W. Rd.
  • Tel:8532649
  • Tea Company
  • Pedestrian St.
  • Tel:8532310
  • Pinghu Commercial Company
  • Pinghu E. Rd.
  • Tel:8532634
  • Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Trade Center
  • Beihai S. Rd
  • Tel:8532467
  • Tunxi Hukaiwen Ink Factory of Tunxi District
  • 5 Laohushan, Tunxi District
  • Tel:2513197
  • Sanbai Ink slab Studio
  • 149 Tunxi Old Street, Tunxi District
  • Tel:2535538

Shops in Hotels

  • Huangshan Taiping International Hotel
  • 17 Pinghu Rd.
  • Tel:8532888
  • Hongta Hotel
  • Inside the Huangkou Tourism and Holiday Resort, Tunxi District
  • Tel:2314972
  • Danxia Hotel
  • Yuhe Rd.
  • Tel:8532233
  • Jiulong Mountain Villa
  • Jiulong Waterfall
  • Tel:5562928
  • Xiuhu Mountain Villa
  • 158 Pinghu Rd.
  • Tel:8561039
Shops and Plazas of Xiuning County

Beijing Baoshutang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Huangshan Branch

Mainly selling traditional Chinese patent medicines for health care, keeping in good health and curing diseases.

Changxuyuan Plaza

As a foreign-related plaza, it mainly sells the four treasures of the study, arts and crafts, pearls, double faced embroideries, various carvings

Shops and Plazas of Shexian County

Zhonghe Street

Located in the ancient town of Shexian County, Zhonghe Street is the busiest pedestrian shopping street. Ancient stores stand on both sides of the Street, in addition to some historical sites, such as Xuguo Stone Archway, Nanjiao Tower, Dongjiao Tower, Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall, and Doushan Street (the hometown of Huizhou merchants).

Hongji Commercial and Trade City

Situated in the ancient city and by the Lianjiang River, the Hongji Commercial and Trade City is one of the largest markets in Huangshan City. The Shezhou Central Market in the city is the collecting and distributing center of agricultural, sideline and local products. It is adjacent to a street selling various kinds of commodities.

Famous Shops and Stores
  • Huizhou She Inkslab Factory
  • 19 Chengdong Rd., Huicheng Town
  • Tel:6535356
  • Huangshan Green Peony Tea Company
  • 12 Huizhou Rd., Huicheng Town
  • Tel:6512500
  • Shexian County Tourism Crafts Shop
  • 2 Chengdong Rd., Huicheng Town
  • Tel:6513902
  • Hun-school Bamboo Carving Research Institute
  • Jixinli Town, Shexian County
  • Tel:6573320
  • Hui-school Potted Landscape Hongweichang, Huicheng Shexian County Research and Development Center,
  • Town, Shexian County
  • Tel:6518497
  • Shexian County Qingliangfeng Beverage and Food Company
  • Fengleyuan, Huicheng Town
  • Tel:6516591
  • Beijing Baoshutang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd,
  • By the railway bridge at the entrance of Tunhuang Rd., Matting County
  • Tel:7511476
  • Huangshan Branch Changxuyuan Plaza
  • 66 Xiaochuan. Nantang Township,by Tunhuang Rd., Xiuning County
  • Tel:7841101

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