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Hangzhou / Famous Shops and Stores


Hangzhou has a long history and abundant products. Since ancient times, Hangzhou has been known as a "paradise for shopping" in southeast China, with a large number of pearls and silk shops, and merchants from all over the country. Hangzhou's silk, Dragon Well tea, porcelain ware produced in Guan Kiln of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), West Lake-brand silk umbrellas, Zhang Xiaoquan scissors, Wang Xingji fans and other traditional handicrafts have been well known both at home and abroad.

Famous Bazaars

Hangzhou Department Store

On the southeastern side of the Wulin Square, the Hangzhou Department Store covers an area of 22,000 sq m, sells more than 80,000 varieties of products, and owns 13 plazas and the "Delicacy and Recreation City," which provides delicious food and recreational facilities.

Jiefang Department Store

By the West Lake, only 1,500 meters from the railway station, Hangzhou Jiefang Department Store is a multi-function commercial building integrating shopping centers, hotel, restaurants, recreational facilities, and parking lot, with a business area of 31,000 square meters.

Shop of Wang Xingji Fan Factory

First founded in 1875, Wang Xingji Fan Factory is the only comprehensive factory producing fans in China.

Du Jinsheng Exclusive Sales Shop

As an "old and famous store of China", Du Jinsheng is a shop of Special feature selling silk tourism souvenirs and gifts, most of which are produced by the Du Jinsheng Silk Factory. The products include silk, brocade and silk covers, cushion, cases, bed covers, paintings, scarves, ties, umbrellas, reversible embroideries, Chinese-style clothing and fashionable dresses.

Shopping Streets

Yan'an Road

Yan'an Road, the most famous shopping street in Hangzhou, gathers many stores that enjoy a high reputation in Hangzhou, such as Hangzhou Department Store, Hangzhou Building Shopping Center, and famous-brand clothes stores as well.

Jiefang Road

Jiefang Road is lined by row upon row of stores, including Jiefang Road Department Store, Tiangong Art Studio and famous-brand boutiques.

Hangzhou International Tourism Products Market

With an area of 2.56 hectares, it sells wood carvings, carved stone articles, pearls and jewels, jade objects, antiques, calligraphy and painting, handicraft pottery and porcelain, silk and local products.

Night Fair Along Wushan Road

Wushan Road is a traditional night shopping street, where people ii buy antiques, jade objects and silk. The night fair attracts many foreign guests.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Hangzhou Department Store
  • 260 Yan'an Rd.
  • Tel:5158800
  • Jiefang Department Store
  • 211 Jiefang Rd.
  • Tel:7016888
  • Shop of Wang Xingji Fan Factory
  • 8 Hubin Rd.
  • Tel:7061327
  • Du Jinsheng Exclusive Sales Shop
  • 82 Youdian Rd.
  • Tel:7029587
  • Hangzhou International Tourism Products Market
  • 65 Fusing Rd.
  • Tel:6083218

Shops in Hotels

Gift Garden and Exquisite Goods Corridor in Continental Hotel

The Gift Garden mainly sells exquisite gifts, books, postcards, food, beverages, etc. The Exquisite Goods Corridor sells pure silk clothes, arts and crafts produced in Zhejiang.

Add: 2 New Pinghaj Rd.

Tel: (0571) 7088088

Yiyuan Plaza in World Trade Center

It sells local and special products, pure silk clothes, ethnic costume, handicrafts treasure, collections, and international famous brand suitcases, bags, dresses, leather products and ties.

Add: 15 Shuguang Rd.

Tel: (0571) 7990888

Plaza in Wanghu Hotel

In Hangzhou, there is a common saying that "If you want to buy famousbrand clothes, go to Plaza of Wanghu Hotel." The plaza embraces a number of boutiques selling world-renowned garments, such as "Lacoste" of France, "Morgan", "Dunhill" of Britain, and boutiques selling leather and woman fashion brand products made in China.

Add: 2 Huancheng W. Rd.

Tel: (0571) 7071024

Plaza in Wuyang Hotel

The plaza sells various arts, crafts, special products of Hangzhou, clothes and articles for daily use.

Add: 48 Qingchun'Rd.

Tel: (0571) 7218888

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