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Inner Mongolia / Famous Shops and Stores


Vast grasslands, extensive forests, mysterious deserts and pearl-like lakes compose unique scenic spots in Inner Mongolia. On the most important traditional festival in pastoral areas in Inner Mongolia, tourists can enjoy wrestling matches, horse races and archery matches. Also you can buy handicrafts full of local flavor at the trade activities held at the same time.


Hohhot is the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and is one of the historical and cultural cities in the country. It has good communications facilities and opened international airlines to Ulan-Bator of Mongolia. The city has star-rated hotels and shopping centers everywhere including the Ethnic Group Mass, one of the 10 trade integrated enterprises in China, the Changle Palace which combines shopping with amusement activities, Tianyuan and Jinpeng malls. The local-flavor daily necessities include folded knife, bronze chafing hot pot, Mongolian boots, cloth and fur toys, tapestries and saddles.


Baotou Department Store

Baotou Department Store is the most famous mall in the city. On the Iron and Steel Street in Kunqu District, it is one of the main trade enterprises of the city. It is an integration of wholesales, retails, food processing, merchants and decoration industries. It has a business floor space of 40,000 square meters and a storage area of 20,000 square meters. Its annual volume of sales reaches 400 million yuan.


The implementation of the reform and opening policies in China has brought vitality to this small border city. It has experienced a similar swift development with Shenzhen in south China. Erenhot is one of the important ports to European countries and is famous as a Bridge of Eurasian Continent.

Nanzhongwai Commodity Exchange Market

This market occupies an area of 45,000 square meters and boasts 1,400 stands selling some 1,000 kinds of commodities. It is a distribution center of goods to Mongolia and Russia.

Xilin Gol League

Tianhong Exquisite Goods Store

Tianhong Exquisite Goods Store is situated in the busiest shopping center of the city and is a designated shop selling goods to foreign shoppers in the city. It sells daily necessities full of local flavor and handicrafts including knives, arrows, tea sets, gold and silver utensils, headdresses and jewelry. All of them demonstrate a strong flavor of local ethnic groups.


Linhe is a trade and tourist center of Bayannur League. Its commodities are of good quality. It sells products from all over country and unique products full of local flavor. It is a good place for tourists to do shopping.

Weixin Woolen Goods Boutique of Linhe

Weixin Woolen Goods Boutique in Zhangximiao, Linhe City, sells woolen products including woolen sweaters, blankets, scarves, fabrics, coats, gloves, quilt covers and pillow cases processed with local sheep wool of good quality. All its products are available and famous in other parts of the country and foreign countries.

Bayannur Carpet Factory

The Factory produces artistic carpets, colored flower carpets and tapestries. Of its products, the imitated ancient carpet has won a golden prize at the international fair. All its products are available in the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Turkey and other countries and regions.


In the western part of Hulun Buir Grassland, it borders Russia. The Hulun Lake to the southeast of the city area has a circumference of 400 kilometers and is a tourist area with pastoral landscape. The Beijing-Moscow international train passes through the city.

Shopping Streets

Europe-Style Street

This street is in the center of Linhe City and has the most famous shops and bazaars in the league area including Jinchuan Market, Trade Mansion, Hegang Trade City, Darning Optical Shop, Leather Products Boutique, Woolen Goods Boutique. It is an ideal shopping center.

Guangming Street

A shopping street on Guangming Road in Linhe City, it is a collection and distribution center of cigarettes, wines, non-staple food, candies and tea. Also it is a nice place for tourists to do shopping.

North Market

On Wudao Street in Manzhouli, this market occupies a floor space of 4,700 square meters. It handles wholesales and retails. It is a large market open to Russian tourists.

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