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Jiayuguan / Local Products and Handicrafts


Jiayuguan Pass is the western end of the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty. Of all the passes along the Great Wall that extends over 5,000 km, Jiayuguan Pass is the best preserved. Jiayuguan City is a rising iron and steel industrial city, as well as a tourism city opening to the outside world. The city is well known for its stone ink slabs, luminous cups, fruit and melons.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Jiayu Ink slabs

The ink slab is one of the four treasures of the study and Jiayu ink slabs have a history of over 1,700 years at least. The Black Hill Gorge in Jiayuguan City produces high-quality stone materials with black, green, red and yellow patterns. The ink slabs made with Jiayu stones enjoy a high reputation.

Luminous Cup

The luminous cup enjoys a great reputation in China. The moonlight can go through a jade cup full of wine, hence the name. Qilian Mountain to the south of Jiayuguan Pass teems with Laoshan, Xinshan and Hebajade.In the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Suzhou had over 30 stone workshops. Now the production of luminous cups has entered a new stage.

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