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Nanning / Famous Shops and Stores


Guangxi has a tropical and subtropical climate with a high temperature and much rain. Nanning is the capital of the Guangxi, and Guilin is a famous scenic city in China. Its local products, such as fruit, medicinal herbs, pearls and bamboo and wood handicrafts, enjoy a high reputation.

Famous Bazaars

Nanning Department Store

It is the largest retail mall in Guangxi, and one of the largest department stores in China. It sells a total of more than 18,000 varieties of new and high-quality commodities.

Dream Island Shopping Center

Guangxi Dream Island Shopping Center is a first-class modern retail enterprise selling articles of everyday use and famous-brand products.

Chaoyang Drugstore

Chaoyang Drugstore of the Nanning Medicine Corporation has 16 chain stores. They mainly sell imported, new, Western and traditional Chinese patent medicines, and medical apparatus and instruments, totaling nearly 10,000 kinds of commodities.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Department Store
  • General merchandise
  • 39 Chaoyang Rd.
  • 2610306
  • Dream Island Shopping Center
  • True and famous-brand goods
  • 137 Seven Star Rd.
  • 2624811
  • Chaoyang Chain Drugstore
  • Western and traditional Chinese patent medicines
  • 35 Chaoyang Rd.
  • 2810914

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