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Qiqihar / Famous Shops and Stores


Qiqihar is an ancient city with a long history, an ancient culture and a developed trade. In the past few years, the city has experienced a swift development in commercial economy. It has shops and trade networks everywhere, selling special, famous and new products from various parts of the country.

The city's large retails and specialized shops are concentrated on Longhua Road and Bukui Street including Qiqihar Department Store Stock Co. Ltd., First Department Store, Second Department Store, Candy and Wine Building, Zhongshichang Supermarket Co. Ltd., Zhonglian Trade Mansion, Hardware Building, Transport Vehicles and Electrical Household Appliances Building, Baihuayuan Market, Aige Square, Yongqing Market and Xinkailu Market.

Famous Bazaars

Zhongshichang Supermarket Co. Ltd.

The largest retail market of non staple food in the city, it has a business history of more than 200 years. Today it has a business area of 6,000 square meters in four stories and deals more than 4,000 kinds of non-staple food in 26 categories.

Candy, Wine and Non-Staple Food Co. Ltd.

It handles wholesales of 1,000 kinds of non-staple food in 10 categories including wines, sugar and candies, milk products, tea, drinks, canned food and seasoning. It has 12 chain shops and boutiques all over the western area in Heilongjiang.

Department Store Stock Co. Ltd.

The largest retails enterprise in Heilongjiang West Economic Development Zone, it has a 5-story building with 16 markets selling daily-use articles, clothing, shoes, hardware, handicrafts, clocks, and cameras, golden jewelry, totaling 30,000 kinds.

First Department Store

First established in 1949, the store occupies an area of 12,000 square meters and has a floor space of 28,000 square meters. It is the earliest and most famous store in the city.

Second Department Store

In the central section of Bukui Street, it has advanced facilities and has complete functions. The store has a floor space of 10,000 square meters. It is composed of Fashion City, Textile and Tailor City, Friendship Fast Food and Children Recreational City, Gold, Clock and Watch City, and General Merchandise and Electrical Household Appliances City.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Aige Square
  • 1 Bukui S. St.
  • Tel: 2479999
  • Zhonglian Trade Mansion
  • 68 Longhua Rd.
  • Tel: 2130423
  • International Trade City
  • 27 Amu, Bukui S. St.
  • Tel: 2428299
  • Hakelong Supermarket
  • Underground Commercial Street in the middle section of Bukui St.
  • Tel: 2412446
  • Baixin Shoes City
  • 46 Bukui St.
  • Tel: 2422635
  • Hardware Building
  • 83 Longhua Rd.
  • Tel: 2424009
  • Department Store Stock Co. Ltd.
  • 96 Bukui St.
  • Tel: 2475688
  • First Department Store
  • 486 Longhua Rd.
  • Tel: 2424075
  • Candy, Wine and Non-Staple Food Co. Ltd.
  • 85 Longhua Rd.
  • Tel: 2427586
  • Zhongshichang Supermarket Co. Ltd.
  • 35 Bukui St.
  • Tel: 2423480
  • Second Department Store
  • 45 Bukui St.
  • Tel: 2424001
  • Yongqing Market
  • Bukui S. St.
  • Tel: 2449838
  • Xindalu Market
  • 481 Longhua Rd.
  • Tel: 2470279

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