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Suzhou / Famous Shops and Stores


An ancient city with a history of more than 2,500 years, it is rich in products and brisk in trade activities. Today, the city has shops everywhere selling various kinds of commodities.

The tourist souvenirs reflect a strong local flavor and are in great varieties such as Suzhou embroidery, hardwood articles, sandalwood fans, silk fans, palace fans, silks, jade carvings and Taomawu New Year pictures.

Famous Bazaars

Tourist Products and Handicrafts Trade Center

With a business area of 900 square meters, it mainly sells 2,000 kinds of commodities, including drawn works, embroidered clothes, silk underwear, hardwood furniture, carvings, lacque ware, Suzhou fans, calligraphic tools, works and paintings by celebrities, ceramics, dark red earthen tea sets, national music instruments, carpets and tapestries.

Empress Silk Capital

It is the largest specialized market of silk fabrics and silk clothes in Suzhou. Main commodities include silk fabrics, silk scarves, silk clothes and silk souvenirs.

Songfentang of Leiyunshang Traditional Chinese Medicine Shop

The traditional Chinese medicines sold include miraculous pills of six ingredients, detoxification pills, pills for activating circulation in collateral meridians and ginseng restorative pills.


Guwuxuan Publishing House was established in 1988. Of its publication materials, the Taohuawu woodblock New Year pictures stand out among Chinese folk fine arts and are famous at home and abroad.

Shop of Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute

Suzhou embroidery has a long history and is famous for its excellent workmanship and elegance at home and abroad. This research institute combines scientific research, production and marketing together and has the rights of exporting its goods directly.

Cultural Market

The commodities on this market include books, pictures, albums, postcards, calligraphic works and paintings of celebrities, video and audio facilities and cultural souvenirs.

Curio Market

It sells ancient coins, collections, ancient ceramics and other antiques.

Shopping Streets

Nanmen Commercial Area

At the southern end of ancient city of Suzhou, this area has a developed trade and boasts 10 shopping centers including Taihua Commercial City, Nanmen Commercial Building and Dalefu Supermarket, and 100 specialized markets and shops. Also it has a bigger aquatic product market, a vegetable and fruit wholesales market, a tea market and an electronic market.

Nanhao Shopping Street

To the west of ancient city, it is going to occupy an area of 60,000 square meters. The 600-meter-long shopping street depicts the Ming and Qing architectural styles. On the second and third floors of the buildings are 1,200 shops and stores. The 1,000year-old Temple of Immortal will be rebuilt on the original location. The annual "Meeting Immortals" festival is held on Nanhao Street, bringing the trade on the street to its climax.

Guanqian Street

In the center of the city, this street has many shops and is famous for housing many old and famous shops such as Daoxiangcun, Qiantaixiang, Huangtianyuan and Songhelou. In the recent years, the city Party committee and government put aside great amounts of funds for its renovation. Today the street has good communication facilities, a good layout of business shops. It is as famous as Wangfujing Street in Beijing.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Handcrafts Bazaar (shopping center)
  • 245 Guanqian St.
  • Tel:5238926
  • Renmin Bazaar Stock Co. Ltd. (comprehensive)
  • 22 Beiju
  • Tel:5221252
  • Shilu International Mall (comprehensive)
  • 18 Shilu Rd.
  • Tel:5322511
  • Pacific Trade Mansion (comprehensive)
  • 270 Shilu Rd.
  • Tel:5347006
  • Changfa Trade Mansion (comprehensive)
  • 80 Lindun Rd.
  • Tel:7286688
  • 7hongxing Youyi General Merchandise Co. Ltd.
  • Renmin Rd.
  • Tel:7295198
  • Taihua Mall (high-and middle-grade commodities)
  • 23-29 Rennin Rd.
  • Tel:5308716
  • Jiutai Tade Mansion (silk fabrics and clothes)
  • 142 Guanqian St.
  • Tel:7275862
  • Ancient and Secondhand Bookstore
  • 330 Rennin Rd.
  • Tel:5224034
  • Cultural Relics Store
  • 328 Renmin Rd.
  • Tel:5233851
  • Tourist Products and Handicrafts Trade Center
  • 57-69 Guanqian St.
  • Tel:7276696
  • Empress Silk Capital
  • 537 Renmin Rd.
  • Tel:7292245
  • Shop of Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute
  • 262 Jingde Rd.
  • Tel:5222460
  • Songfentang of Leiyunshang Traditional Chinese
  • 134 Xizhong City
  • Tel:7297624
  • Medicine Shop Guwuxuan
  • 9 Qiqiao Lane, Renmin Rd
  • Tel:5237075

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