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Tianjin / Famous Shops and Stores


Tianjin is famous for its trade ports. In early Qing Dynasty, Tianjin's trade developed to a certain scale. Beidaguan, Heping Road and Xiaobailou were three brisk commercial areas in the city's history. Also many shops in the city have a long history. Quanyechang, the Meihua Shoe Shop, Ruifuxiang Silk and Cotton Fabrics Shop, Shengxifu Hat Shop, all have a long history.

As local economy has developed rapidly, some commercial areas left over by history have been rebuilt and updated while new commercial areas have been developed such as Binjiangdao Shopping Street, Ancient Cultural Street, Clothing Street and

Commercial City in southwest corner. In addition, the city has developed a batch of specialized markets including Shenyang Road Antique Market, Dahutong General Merchandise Market and the Imported Goods Market in Tanggu District.

Tianjin boasts many unique handicrafts such as Yangliuqing New Year Paintings, colored clay sculptures by the Zhang family, kites by the Wei family and Tianjin tapestries and carpets.

Famous Bazaars

Tianjin Quanyechang Bazaar

At the juncture of Binjiang Road and Heping Road, Quanyechang Bazaar has a history of more than 70 years. Today it has a business floor space of 36,000 square meters. The bazaar has 10 floors with one floor underground. It deals mainly medium grade commodities, with some high grade goods.

Darentang Pharmacy

A branch of Ancient the Le Family Shop developed from Tongrentang Pharmacy in Beijing. It has carried forward prescriptions, experiences and managerial traditions of Tongrentang Pharmacy. Its famous patent products including Bezoar Detoxicant Pills, Bezoar Resurrection Pills, pellet to promote blood flow to remove obstruction in the collaterals and White Phoenix Pills.

Shengxifu Hat Shop

Its hats have a good quality and are of great varieties. The shop has been capable of constantly developing new varieties for the market changes. With a trademark of Three Hats, its products have a good market at home and abroad.

Old Meihua Shoe Shop

Opened in 1911, it sells various kinds of shoes for the elderly and middle-aged people. Its shoes are graceful, soft, light and durable. Its products include shoes with a wool cover, camel hair-padded shoes, cotton-padded shoes and pigskin shoes with rubber soles.

Yangliuqing Painting Shop

Yangliuqing New Year Paintings are one of famous folk wood-block pictures. Developed in 1628 during the Ming Dynasty, they are wood-block printings, which are painted in colors. The pictures are bright and vivid. Yangliuqing New Year Paintings have entered the international market.

Cultural Relics Co. Shops

The company has Yilin Building, Wenyuan Building and Cuiwen Studio for selling ancient ceramics, paintings and calligraphic works by celebrities, jewelry, hard wood furniture.

Carpet Sales Center

Tianjin has a long history in carpet production and is famous at home and abroad for its production skills and styles. Tianjin carpets are durable and elastic. Their designs are varied. Tianjin carpets are available in more than 40 countries and regions.

Shopping Streets

Heping Road and Binjiang Road Shopping Streets

On the western side of Haihe River, the crossed Heping Road Shopping Street and Binjiang Road Shopping Street are the busiest pedestrian only shopping center of the city. On these two streets, there are Quanyechang Bazaar, Hualian Trade Mansion, the Department Store Building, Tianjin Shoe Shop, Guanshengyuan Food Shop, Binjiang Trade Mansion and newly built shopping centers and boutiques.

Xiaobailou Commercial Zone

As early as in the 1920s, this zone had been brisk and famous for selling high-grade commodities and imported goods. Today, the zone is full of shops including the famous Daxin Wool Clothing Shop, Qishilin and Chongqing Hairdresser's, the newly built Victorious Gate Mansion and Binjiang Shopping Center. The zone is a center for buying high-grade commodities and amusements.

Clothing Street

This 620-meter-long street covers an area of 30,000 square meters and has a business area of 38,000 square meters. It boasts some 100 shops and stores for handling retails and wholesales of famous, new-styled and special clothes and fabrics. Some sell shoes, hats and general merchandise and provide tailor services and exhibitions and sales of commodities.

Ancient Cultural Street

On this Qing-style street, there are some 100 shops and stores for selling classical and ancient books, antiques, jade articles, traditional handicrafts and articles full of local flavor. Also there are some authorized sellers of Yangliuqing New Year Paintings, painted clay figures by the Zhang family and the kites by the Wei family.

Tanggu Imported Goods Market

On Fushun Road in Tanggu District close to the Tianjin Development Zone it is the first exclusive sales market of imported goods in north China. Covering a floor space of 16,000 square meters, the market boasts 2,000 stands for selling automobiles, house electrical appliances, camera and parts, and clothes.

Shenyang Road Antique Market

The market boasts some 100 stores and shops and more than 300 stands and peddlers. All shops and stores are built or decorated in classic styles and sell ancient ceramics, furniture, clocks, watches, paintings, calligraphic works, ink sticks, writing brushes, paper and ink slabs, and gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood and jade handicrafts.

Trading City in the Southwest Corner

Situated in Nankai District, this city is one of the busiest shopping centers in Tianjin. It boasts some 400 large, medium-sized and small shops for selling more than 30,000 kinds of commodities including Tianjin Market, Dongfang Trade Mansion, Longfeng Market, Nankai Trade Street and Tianjin Hotel.

Famous Shops and Stores
  • Darentang Pharmacy
  • 119 Binjiang Rd., Heping District
  • Tel :27122340
  • Shengxifu Hat Shop
  • Heping Rd., Heping District
  • Tel :27273522
  • Old Meihua Shoe Shop
  • Hering Rd., Hering District
  • Tel :27354928
  • Cultural Relics Co. Shops
  • 105 Ancient Cultural St.
  • Tel :27275235
  • Friendship Co.
  • 21 Youyi Rd., Hexi District
  • Tel :28353003
  • Tianjin Gallery
  • 4 Guanghua Rd., Hedong District
  • Tel :24380256
  • Yangliuqing Painting Shop
  • 139 Ancient Cultural St., Nankai District
  • Tel :27275191
  • Darentang Pharmacy Trade Mansion
  • 290 Shanxi Rd., Hering District
  • Tel :23328693
  • Department of Painted Clay Figures
  • 97 Gongbei, Ancient Cultural St., Nankai District by the Zhang Family
  • Tel :27275248
  • First Metal Handicraft Factory Sales Department
  • 116 Hongxing Rd., Hedong District
  • Tel :24340354
  • Baixin Jewelry and Gold Building
  • 194 Binjiang Rd., Heping District
  • Tel :27307575
  • Carpet Sales Center
  • 5 Xinweidi Rd., Hexi District
  • Tel :28332663
  • Daheng Clothing Co. Hebei District
  • 1 N. Bldg, Chuanyunli, Zhongshan Rd.,
  • Tel :26265105
  • Yong'an General Merchandise Shopping Center
  • 1 Beijianyuan Rd.
  • Tel :24211101
  • Tongda Special Handicraft Factory Department
  • 41 Jialing Rd., Nankai District
  • Tel :27610215
  • Binjiang Trade Mansion
  • 193 Binjiang Rd., Herring District
  • Tel :27117880
  • Isdam Co. Ltd. Shopping Center
  • Inside Jili Building, Nanjing Rd., Heping District
  • Tel :27221111
  • Jixian County Huangyaguan Great
  • In Huangyaguan Section of the Great Wall in Wall Shop Jixian County
  • Tel : 29718106

Shops in Hotels
  • Shop in Sheraton Tianjin Hotel
    Dealing various kinds of handicrafts.
  • Add: Zijinshan Rd., Hexi District
  • Tel: (022) 23343388
  • Shop in Hyatt Regency Tianjin
    Dealing various kinds of handicrafts, food, cigarettes and wines.
  • Add: 219 Jiefang N. Rd., Heping District
  • Tel: (022) 23318888
  • Shop in Crystal Palace Hotel
    Dealing imported food, wines and drinks.
  • Add: 28 Youyi Rd., Hexi District
  • Tel: (022) 28356888
  • Shop in Astor Hotel
    Dealing daily necessities, handicrafts and souvenirs.
  • Add: 33 Taierzhuang Rd., Heping District
  • Tel: (022) 23311688
  • Shop in Teda International Hotel
    Dealing daily necessities, handicrafts and souvenirs.
  • Add: 8 Second St., Economic Development Zone
  • Tel: (022) 25326000

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