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Taiyuan / Famous Shops and Stores


Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi, is situated in the center of the province and is a famous ancient city. Taiyuan is famous for many local and special products including the old vinegar, Fen liquor, Qinzhou glutinous millet, the unique and bright Pingyao lacquerware, Pingyao beef and Taigu Guilingji capsules. All are famous at home and abroad.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Qingxu Grape

Qingxu County has a history of 1,000 years for growing grape and is famous as a grape village in Taiyuan. The delicious grape from the county has a high content of sugar. It grows more than 50 species, of which White Bottle, Black Chick Heart and Purple Longan are reputed with the white bottle being the best.

Old Vinegar

Vinegar from Shanxi Province is well known in the country. The Old Vinegar from Qingxu County is the best of the vinegar from the province. The brand Shanxi Old Vinegar was first created by Wang Laifu lived in the reign of Qing Emperor Shunzhi. Old Vinegar is famous for its fragrance, tasty and no sediments. Longer time it preserves for, more fragrant it becomes. It doesn't go moldy in summer or freeze in winter.

Fen Liquor

Fen Liquor from Xinghua Village in Fenyang County is famous for its color, taste and fragrance. It is one of the eight famous liquors in the country. With Chinese sorghum as raw material, Fen liquor has a pure taste. In 65 degrees, it doesn't have a strong stimulation.

Duanmu Inkslab

Duanmu inkslab is from Duanmu (or Wenshan) Mountain on the southern bank of Hutuo River. They are of three colors: purple, black and green. The stone in purple color is the best. The village on the western slope is famous for its inkslabs. Especially those engraved in an ancient style are elegant.

Pingyao Braised Beef

The beef braised with five-aroma seasoning from Pingyao has a long history. The beef is tender, fragrant and tasty. The older the cattle are and the more fragrant the braised beef is, owing to good quality of local water and unique cooking ways.

Polished Lacquerware

The wood furniture is coated with paint manually for several times and polished after each coat. The furniture with various kinds of designs of figures, flowers, birds and landscape will be bright after several procedures. Such lacquer ware will keep the color forever. The famous ones are produced by the Taiyuan Gold Lacquer ware Factory and Pingyao Polished Lacquer ware Factory, including screens and ornaments.

Glazed Articles

The glazed articles from Taiyuan have a long history. The Su family in Ma Village began this career as early as in the Tang Dynasty. The glazed articles have added colors to the ancient cultural relics and ancient buildings.

Imitated Ancient Articles

The Metal Handicraft Factory in Beicheng District of Taiyuan produces imitated ancient iron articles. Its products are of great variety and good workmanship such as galloping horse stepping on flying swallow, ancient cooking vessel with a nine-dragon design from the Ming Dynasty, Buddhist head from Yungang and the iron figure from the Jin Temple.

Central Shanxi Paper-Cuts

Rural people on outskirts of Taiyuan have paper-cuts according to their tradition to be stuck on windows. They have a rich content. The general designs include flowers, birds, animals, fairly tales, celebrations and lucky characters. These paper-cuts are colorful and full of local flavor.

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