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Urumqi / Famous Shops and Stores


Located in nrthwest China, Xinjiang is the largest of all the provinces and autonomous regions in China. Of its total population, the Uygur people make up 50 percent. Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Along the Silk Road in Xinjiang, there are many ancient cities and historical sites.

The Tianshan-brand cattle hair and cashmere sweaters, Xigema-brand space-cotton shirts, and various kinds of hand-knitted sweaters have had a ready market throughout the country. Urumqi is also known for its high-quality musical instruments. Urumqi teems with fruit and melons, and its preserved fruit and melons enjoy a high reputation. Xinjiang is also a producer of high-quality medicinal tonics, such as snow lotus flowers, safflowers, and the fruit of Chinese wolf berry. In recent years, Xinjiang has opened wider to the outside world. Now tourists can find large shopping centers everywhere in Urumqi.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Cashmere Sweaters

The "TSE" cashmere products produced by the Tianshan Wool Textile Co. Ltd. have become a world-famous brand. The company is established by China, Japan and Hong Kong.


Carpets produced in Xinjiang enjoy a great reputation in and aboard. They show distinctive ethnic characteristics and a strong local style. The patterns of its carpets are unique at the international market.

Jade Carvings

Xinjiang produces jade flower vases, birds, beasts, flowers, figures, imitations of ancient vessels, jewelry and ornaments with the world-renowned Hotan white jade, Manasi green stone and Hami yellow jade materials. Its jade products have been sold well in Europe, the United States, Japan, the countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau.

Hami Melons

Hami melons are grown in the Tarim, Junggar and Turpan basins, and Harm Prefecture. Harm melons are sweet, tasty and full of nutrition. According to a research, Hami melon contains a great amount of vitamins, four to seven times of those in watermelons, six times of those in apples, and 1.3 times of those in apricots.


Situated deep in the heart of the Eurasian Continent, Xinjiang has a dry climate, with sharp difference in temperature between day and night, and abundant sunshine, suitable for the growth of watermelons. Watermelons of Xinjiang are large and sweet, and are divided into winter and summer watermelons.

Fragrant Pears

Mainly produced in Korla, Aksu, Kashi, Hotan and Turpan, fragrant pears are tasty, refreshing and sweet, with thin skin.


Apricots are tasty, juicy and full of nutrition. The pulp of apricots contains anti-cancer Vitamin B17. Bitter apricot kernels can help stop coughing, and moisten intestines.


There are male and female fig trees. As its flowers are hidden in the receptacle, people can only see the fruit. Hence people call it the fruit without flowers. Figs produced in Xinjiang are not subject to plant diseases and insect pests, so that no pesticides are needed. As natural fruit, figs are well received by both Chinese and foreign tourists.


Walnuts produced in Xinjiang are large in size, with a thin shell and much nutrition. The fine-quality walnuts include Zipi, Loren and Genian walnuts.


Pomegranates are mainly produced in Hotan Prefecture, with thin skin and beautiful colors. They are easy to be stored. With various vitamins, pomegranates are regarded as good fruit by the people.

Seedless White Grapes

Seedless white grapes produced in Xinjiang, in the elliptic shape, are crystal-clear, crisp and juicy, with thin skin. Fresh grapes contain more than 24 percent of sugar; and raisins contain 75 to 80 percent of sugar. Seedless white grapes are not subject to plant diseases and insect pests, so farmers do not need to spray pesticides on them. Both fresh and dried grapes are natural green fruit well received by customers.

Shopping Streets

Zhongshan Road Shopping Area

The Hongqi Road Free Market, which mainly consists of privately owned stores, and the underground shopping street are crowded with customers from morning to night everyday, and sell a wide variety of commodities. Dashizi Commercial Building, Xinjiang Department Store, Hongqi Road Plaza, Xinjiang Candy, Wine and Food Building, Hengdeli Clock and Watch Shop and Ningdetang Drugstore do good business. Hundred Flower Village Co. Ltd. had a tall building rebuilt on its old site, with more than 10 stories. The completion of Tianshan Plaza and Tianshan Department Store has added splendor to the old shopping street.

Friendship Shopping Street

It is a bustling shopping street, which has grown up among market competitions. The Street is lined by many shops and plazas, including the famous Hongshan Plaza, Friendly Plaza, Huadu Shopping Center, Modern Plaza and many new stores, such as garment stores, shops for selling bedding, wedding gift shop, and many other bew shops with special features.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Dashizi Commercial Building
  • 37 Jicfang N. Rd.
  • Tel:2837036
  • Xinbai Building
  • 103 Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2830529
  • Dashizi Candy and Wine Commercial Building
  • Jiefang N. Rd.
  • Tel:2840608
  • Urumqi Trade Center
  • Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2819762
  • Zhongahanlu Trade Building
  • Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2300262
  • Underground Shopping Street
  • Hongqi Rd.
  • Tel:2815740
  • Tianshan Department Store
  • 18 Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2322222
  • Tianshan Plaza
  • Jiefang N. Rd.
  • Tel:2318261
  • Baihua Village Shopping Center
  • Hongqi Rd.
  • Tel:23119802
  • Hongqi Road Department Store
  • Hongqi Rd.
  • Tel:2817244
  • Overseas Chinese Commercial Building
  • Zhongshan Rd.
  • Tel:2821003
  • Hongshan Market
  • 1 Xibei Rd.
  • Tel:4515025
  • Huadu Plaza
  • 23 Youhao S. Rd.
  • Tel:4529922
  • Modern Plaza
  • Youhao N. Rd.
  • Tel:4835594
  • Friendly Plaza
  • 14 Youhao N. Rd
  • Tel:4836888
  • Antique Store
  • 325 Jiefang S. Rd
  • Tel:2825161
  • Doran Jade Boutique
  • Guangming Rd.
  • Tel:2328088
  • Xiaobaiyang Jewelry and Gold Shop
  • Jiefang Rd.
  • Tel:2844958
  • Ethnic Arts and Crafts Corporation
  • Qitai Rd.
  • Tel:2825673
  • Carpet Factory
  • 40 Jing'er Rd.
  • Tel:5813292

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