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Xi'an / Famous Shops and Stores


Xi'an is a famous tourism city in China and has been the largest commercial and trading center in northwestern China. It boasts a wide variety of tourism commodities, which are mainly divided into three categoriestraditional arts and crafts, folk handicrafts and replicas of cultural relics. They are imitations of products of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.), imitations of tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and imitations of ancient bronze ware. In Xi' an tourists can also find the rubbings of handwriting by famous ancient calligraphers of various dynasties, rubbings of eaves tiles, embroideries of the Qin Dynasty, artistic porcelain ware, lacquer ware, jade carvings, cloisonne, paper-cuts, leather silhouette, copies of the murals of the Tang Dynasty, and paintings by the farmers of Huxian County, featuring strong Chinese traditions and local characteristics.

Famous Bazaars

Minsheng Department Store

Minsheng Department Store has enjoyed a high reputation in northwestern China for its famous, excellent, new, special and comprehensive commodities.

Tangcheng Department Store

Located in the busy section of Dongda Street, Tangcheng Department Store began its business in 1984. It is a large state-owned mall and sells all kinds of commodities.

Van Arts and Crafts Industrial Company

It sells arts and crafts. The tri-colored glazed pottery of Tang Dynasty, and imitations of warriors and bronze chariots of Qin Dynasty show high work-manship. Its paintings by the farmers of Huxian County are also famous.

Wenbaozhai and Jingtailan (Cloisonne) Handicrafts Store

The former mainly sells the reproductions of warriors of the Qin Dynasty, eaves tiles of the Qin and Han dynasties, tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, rubbings from tablet inscriptions, metals and stone carvings, seals and so on. Jingtailan Store mainly sells cloisonne arts and crafts and gold ornaments. Each store has a processing factory in the backyard so tourists can also pay a visit to the factory while buying commodities from the stores.

Century Golden Flower Shopping Center

It has two stories, with an area of over 30,000 sq m. It sells more than 100,000 varieties of commodities famous in China and the world. It introduced several dozen kinds of world top-brand commodities to Xi' an for the first time. The shopping center has a special area selling famous-brand commodities made in China, Chinese and Western restaurants, a recreational area, a teahouse and a large supermarket.

Shopping Streets

Dongda Street

It is the most prosperous street crowded with specialized plazas and stores including the Tangcheng Building, Luomashi Garment Trading Market, Tanshi Street Vegetable and Non-staple Food Mall, Qianjin Shoes and Hats Store, Northwest Optical Store, Hengdeli Clock and Watch Store, and boutiques.

Jiefang Road

Jiefang Road, less than 2 km long, is one of the busiest Streets in Xi'an, with 500 commercial, service, catering and financial organs. The Minsheng Department Store and Jiefang Department Store sit on the Street.

The Wholesale Market on the Kangfu Road

It is the largest comprehensive wholesale market in northwestern China, radiating to 23 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China. Merchants and small retailers purchase and sell medicinal herbs, leather products, garments, agricultural and side-line products, and sundry goods in the market.

Beiyuanmen Tourism Commodity Street

To the north of the Drum Down, the Street has over 50 stores selling tourism souvenirs, and is the largest tourism commodity Street in Xi'an.

Shuyuanmen "Ming and Qing Street"

Shuyuan Street is the Ming and Qing Street constructed according to the architecture styles of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. In the Street, there are row upon row of stores selling ancient books, pottery and porcelain, rubbings of ancient paintings, tablet inscriptions and calligraphy, the four treasures of the study, etc.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Minsheng Department Store
  • 103 Jiefang Rd.
  • Tel:7264876
  • Xi'an Department Store (a comprehensive plaza)
  • In the middle of Nanda St.
  • Tel:7215948
  • Kaiyuan Commercial Building (a comprehensive plaza)
  • 6 Jiefang Market, Dongda St.
  • Tel:7235382
  • Qiulin Company (a comprehensive plaza)
  • 58 Northern Section, Yanta Rd.
  • Tel:7854400
  • Northwest Optical Store
  • 454 Dongda St.
  • Tel:7217140
  • Weizhi Garment Market
  • 269 Dongda St.
  • Tel:8225250
  • Beidajie General Merchandise Plaza (comprehensive)
  • 2 Lianhu Rd.
  • Tel:7255778
  • Xiaozhai Commercial Building (comprehensive)
  • 38 Chang'an M. Rd.
  • Tel:5264063
  • Town God Temple Market (small commodities)
  • 235 Xida St.
  • Tel:7272333
  • Bell Tower Xinhua Bookstore
  • 377 Dongda St.
  • Tel:7216194
  • Phoenix Embroidery Factory (tourism commodities)
  • 33 Dong'er Rd.
  • Tel:7421473
  • lade and Stone Carving Factory (tourism commodities)
  • 93 Xiyi Rd.
  • Tel:7452570
  • Fine Arts Pottery and Porcelain Factory (tourism commodity)
  • 5 Dianchang E. Rd.
  • Tel:3519942
  • Tangcheng Department Store
  • 359 Dongda St.
  • Tel:7215906
  • Xi'an Arts and Crafts Industial Company
  • Bell and Drum Tower Square
  • Tel:7212166
  • Wenbaozhai
  • 5 Middle Section of Goose Pagoda Rd.
  • Tel:5512020
  • Century Golden Flower Shopping Center
  • Nanxin St.
  • Tel:5532389

Shops in Hotels

  • Chang'an Grand Plaza Castle Hotel
  • Tourism souvenirs, Shop Food, cigarettes,wine, souvenirs
  • 12 W. Sectio of, Huancheng S. Rd.
  • Tel:7231800
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Juyazhai
  • General merchandise for daily use
  • 158 Dongda St.
  • Tel:7231234
  • YizhenHall Precious jade objects
  • Jinxiu Beautiful silk, embroideries Pavilion
  • Golden Flower Hotel
  • Gift Shop
  • Shaanxi special handicrafts
  • 8 Changle W. Rd.
  • Tel:3232981
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Store
  • Handicrafts, porcelain ware, ancient carvings western suburbs
  • 12 Fenggao Rd.,
  • Tel:4261888
  • Tanghua Hotel
  • Xi'an Store Tea sets, the four treasures of the study, handicrafts, garments,traditional hand-made articles
  • 4 Yanyin Rd.
  • Tel:5261111
  • Jianguo Hotel
  • Store
  • Souvenirs, handicrafts, Garments, silk carpets
  • 20 Jinhua S. Rd.
  • Tel:3238888
  • Xi'an Hotel
  • Shopping Center
  • Tourism souvenirs, food
  • 36 N. section of Chang'an Rd.
  • Tel:5261351

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