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Yan'an / Famous Shops and Stores


The wonderful yellow land teems with various kinds of fine-quality local products. Its local and special products include red dates, millets, buckwheat flour, walnuts, Chinese chestnuts, Chinese prickly ash, apples, noodles made of potato starch, Ganquan dried bean curd, purple pottery and porcelain ware. Its cultural and art works include small waist drums, paper-cuts, paintings by farmers, wool and hemp embroideries and various souvenirs. They are available at all stores, plazas, shops in the hotels and each scenic area.

Shopping Streets

Erdao Street and Daqiao Street intersect with each other, adjacent to the Yanhe River Bridge. A great number of stores and malls stand by the Streets like trees in a forest, including the Yan'an Department Store, Yan'an Arts and Crafts Company, Yan'an Yasheng Shopping Center, Yan'an Beifang Building, Yan'an World Trade Tower, and Yan'an Commercial City. They sell commodities for daily use, local and special products, arts and crafts and household.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Yan'an Department Store
  • Commodities for daily use, handicrafts, gifts
  • Daqiao St.
  • Tel:2112328
  • Minsheng Department Store
  • Garments, shoes, hats
  • Zhongxin St.
  • Tel:2124897

Shops in Hotels

  • Shengdi Hotel
  • Folk handicrafts of north Shaanxi
  • Wangjiaping
  • Tel:2385157
  • Electric Power Hotel
  • Handicrafts and commodities for daily use
  • Dongguan St.
  • Tel:2121115
  • Phoenix Hotel
  • Local and special products, tourism articles
  • Zhongxin St.
  • Tel:2113691
  • Yasheng Hotel
  • Commodities for daily use, craft furniture, cigarettes, Wine, non-staple food
  • Erdao St.
  • Tel:2132778

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