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Zhuhai / Famous Shops and Stores


Zhuhai has a large number of shopping areas, such as the shopping street on the Jingshan Road in Jida District, the General Merchandise Street on Xiangbu Road, Xiangzhou, the pedestrian shopping street on Lotus Road, Gongbei, the shopping village in Jiuzhou City, Jida District, the Fashionable Dress City in the World Trade Center, the Seafood Market in Wanzai, and the Lamplight Night Market in Nankeng.

Famous Bazaars

Zhuhai General Merchandise Square

Under the jurisdiction of the Zhuhai General Merchandise Group, it is a modern comprehensive shopping center, integrating commerce, trade, tourism, recreation, shopping, food and beverages. Located on scenic Jingshan Road, Jida District, the square covers an area of 33,000 sq m, and sells more than 70,000 kinds of commodities.

Duty-Free Plaza

The state-owned Duty-Free Plaza of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, which is under the jurisdiction of the New Henderson Development Co. Ltd. of the Zhuhai City Duty-Free Enterprise Group Co. Ltd., is a super luxury market, mainly selling famous-brand commodities from all over the world.

Jiuzhou City

It is a "shopping park," consisting of the Chinese classical architecture and scenic gardens in southeast China. With an ancient, unsophisticated and elegant appearance, this well-equipped city has an area of 20,000 sq m, and includes more than 30 malls, selling 80,000 kinds of famous-brand and high-quality commodities. Hence the name of the Grand View Garden of commodities.

Shopping Streets

Zhuhai Market of Farm Produce is located in a densely populated area. At the market, people can find seafood, vegetables, fruit, flowers, local products, etc. The pedestrian Street on Lotus Road, and the 888 Shopping Street sell a wide variety of commodities, such as fashionable dresses, furniture, handicrafts, antiques, pottery and porcelain, etc.

Wanzai Dried Seafood Market

Wanzai Dried Seafood Market is adjacent to Wanzai Port, and faces Macau across a river. With a large number of boats and vehicles, the market is a collecting and distributing center of aquatic products. It has various kinds of seafood from the Pearl River, such as shark's fin, conger pike, starfish, sea cucumber, sea snakes, crabs, blood clam, white bait, and oyster.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Zhuhai General Merchandise Square
  • 1 Jingshan Rd.
  • Tel:3330510
  • Zhuhai Duty-Free Plaza
  • Jingshan Rd.
  • Tel:3334492
  • Zhujiang Film Studio Square
  • 22 Fenghuang Rd., Xiangzhou
  • Tel:2258799
  • Friendship Hotel Mall
  • Friendship Rd., Gongbei
  • Tel:8131818
  • Gongbei Port Market
  • Gongbei Port
  • Tel:8885691
  • Marco Polo Commercial City
  • 1130 Phoenix Rd., Xiangzhou
  • Tel:2211188
  • Damian General Merchandise Square
  • Phoenix Rd., Xiangzhou
  • Tel:2112666

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