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Jianmen Shudao

Jianmen PassLocated in northern Sichuan and some 117 kilometers from Chengdu, Mianyang is centered on Deyang in the south and Guangyuan in the north, forming a tourism route that retraces travel along the Shudao (Sichuan Roads) of the Three Kingdoms Period. Numerous scenic resorts along the route offer visitors a glimpse of local customs and folklore. The main attractions are Jianmen Pass, the Old Plank Road, Huangze Temple, the Thousand-Buddha Cliff, Li Bai Memorial Hall, and Mount Douchui.

A key pass along the old Shudao, Jianmen was known as an impregnable pass. The natural pass is formed by cliffs set among 72 steep peaks along a 100-kilometer stretch of mountains.

Old City in LangzhongLocated in Jiangyou City, the Li Bai Memorial Hall is bordered by water on three sides and shaded by stands of bamboo and willow. The main buildings are the Taibai Hall. Taibai Library, Xiaoya Room. Huaixie Hall, and Linjiangxian Hall. The memorial hall is a depository for the treasured possessions of the famed poet Li Bai, as well as Song Dynasty tablets, a ,tapir of Li Bai, Valuable carvings, and a portrait of Li Bai.

Statues in Huangze TempleSanxingdui was once the capital of the Kingdom of Shu. The ruins of the once-grand city lie to the west of Guanghan City. In 1986, much of the 4,000year-old ruins were excavated. Six State-level treasures were unearthed. The relics reflect the height of the bronze age in China. The Sanxingdui Museum was completed in 1997 and now displays over 1.000 cultural relics.

Douchui Mountain is located m the Wudu District, 15 kilometers from Jiangyou City. Xiangyue, Feixian, and Shenfu peaks rise about 100 meters from the summit and are only 30 to 40 meters from each other. When viewed from a distance, they form a majestic crown on the mountain's summit. Three holy sites were built on the peaks, Dongyue Shrine on Xiangyue, Douzhen Palace on Feixian, and Luban Palace on Shenfu.

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