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Qingyang Temple

Dujiang Weir Begun in the Tang Dynasty, the Qingyang Temple is devoted to the memory of Lao Zi (604-531 BC), the father of Daoism. The complex includes the Lingzu Hall, Hunyuan Palace, Eight Diagrams Pavilion, Wuji Palace, and Doulao Palace. A pair of bronze lambs stand watch beside the alter of the main palace. Inside the temple preserves the only extant wooden engraving of "Daozang Jiyao," a collection of important Daoist scriptures.

Located along a tributary of the Minjiang River some 55 kilometers from Chengdu, the Dujiang Weir has served as a massive water conservation and flood prevention project for 2,000 years. The weir provides water to the Chengdu Plain, making it a Land of Plenty with fertile lands stretching along the endless horizon. Local attractions include the fulong Temple. Erwang Shrine, Anlan Hanging Bridge, Lidui Park and Yuleishang Park.

Yongling TombOne of the four famous Daoist mountains in China, Mount Qingcheng (Green City Mountain) is located in Dujiangyan City about 75 kilometers northwest of Chengdu. The mountain is home to 128 scenic resorts. The main attractions are the Jianfu Palace, Tianshi Cavern, and Shangqing Palace.

Located in the western suburbs of Chengdu, the Yongling Tomb was the final resting place of the Shu King Wang Jian (847-918), who ruled during the Five Dynasties Period. The burial mound rises 15 meters out of the surrounding plain and is an unusual example of an above-ground imperial tomb in China.

Xiling Snow-capped MountainsThe Xiling Snow-capped Mountains are 95 kilometers outside Chengdu. Forest coverage within the scenic area is over 90% and the local plants include some 3,000 varieties. The mountain slopes are home to several rare wildlife species. The dozen scenic attractions around the mountains include the Nine Waterfalls with a Thread of Heaven, Feiquan Cavern, Baoxiao Spring, Maishi Forest, and Azalea Forest. An world-class ski resort is being developed in the Xiling Mountains.

Sichuan teahouses have a long history and are found throughout the cities and around the countryside. Elegant and yet comfortable bamboo armchairs and exquisite tea sets reflect the rich local culture. Many tea houses are set alongside flowing ,creams or ancient bridges, offering shade for a weary traveler. They also offer a glimpse of the famed Sichuan characteristics of humor, openness, and hospitality.

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