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Tibetan Year

The First Day of the Tibetan year always falls in February or March and is the most important festival of the Tibetan people. In early 12th month of the Tibetan year, the Tibetan people begin o buy goods and materials for the celebration of the New Year Day.

Of them i he rectangular Droso-chema with colorful patterns and offerings are the most important. The Droso-chema is stuffed with buttered highland barley, fried wheat grains and sapodilla. On its cover are highland barley ears, cockscomb flowers and buttered flowers.

In early morning of the first day of the Tibetan year the people in their rich dresses, with Droso-chema in their hands, visit their relatives and friends and exchange greetings. In the following few days, they sing and dance, drink wines together with their relatives and friends or go to the nearby monastery to pay their respects to the Buddha. Festival atmosphere is everywhere.

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